Holographic Sub-Quantum Mind
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Commentary on the book, Holographic Sub-Quantum Mind.
Robert Neil Boyd

Based on the title, and what I know of what the author knows, it will probably be among the most advanced scientific texts in recent history, as well as quite an adventure. Maybe I can contribute?

List comment made by the author of Holographic Sub-Quantum Mind: "One of the issues I address is the concept of DNA as blueprint. It is obviously a blueprint NOW...but was it always? I use the analogy of roads. In modern times, some highways are designed by city planners, and put in a specific place for a specific reason, often where no road has ever existed before. Other roads began as foot-worn paths that slowly became more defined with increased use, and eventually evolved into paved highways.

Must DNA necessarily be a "pre-planned highway"...or could it be a "well-worn trail" that eventually evolved into the blueprint we see today?"

I think that both will be found to be relevant. The point I was trying to make was that the DNA itself was pre-planned by the Universe, ab initio. A marvelous feat of engineering, I must say! Then, since the pattern is adaptive in its basis, the DNA allows for modifications over time. In these modification situations, it is clear to me that there are several different mechanisms which result in alterations of the genetic codex, such as radiation-stimulated mutation. Most of these factors are already well known. However, there are at least three modification factors that are not well known.

The first, and perhaps most important of these is an informational content which is derived from the Spirit, in the form of an overarching principle of Universal Harmony, which seems to reside at the finest levels of the subquantum, and perhaps is beyond physical form.

Nevertheless, it is this Cosmic Harmony which is the Ultimate Planner and Organizer which informs the various individual Beings how to organize matter so as to precipitate a physical form suitable for the environment of that particular Creature, which is importantly plugged in to the various global environmental organizations and patternings, which all Consciousnesses, both physical and non-physical, inhabiting a particular planet, will adhere to.

This Planner appears to encompass large spans of time, and to both anticipate and create the future. The process of evolution is not at all haphazard but is typically well planned and orchestrated, well ahead of time, by the Cosmic Harmony. I call this "The Future Worlds", a set of possibilities which is an actual and instrumentable content of what is known as the "quantum potential". The informational content residing in the quantum potential is ultimately responsible for generating the probabilities which result in any "observable" event or physical form.

Quite relevant here is Henry Stapp's paper on "Quantum Matter" where he describes a quantum condition halfway between the quantum potential and actual physical mass. Pursuant to this understanding, I brought it to the attention of Stapp and his crew that the "quantum matter" has phase states just like physical matter has phase states. The most interesting aspect of my "quantum phase-states" is that they operate a sequence opposite to the phase-states observed in physical matter, in that, as the energy involved with the possibility of the precipitation of a particular "observable" event or object increases, quantum matter tends toward solidity, the crystalline phase. Where there is the least probability, the quantum matter is found in a "gaseous" phase state. So quantum matter behaves in a "cooling sequence" as energy is added, rather than the heating sequence of phase states which is observed in physical matter as energy is added to the system. (I mentioned all this before on Greenglow.) Stapp and his crew had no arguments with my expressions of the "quantum phase-states" of "quantum matter".

The second factor in how this works, is that every single Consciousness is involved in precipitating the observable. That is to say, the each unique Consciousness has a vote in the outcome, whether or not the individual entity is aware it is participating in this manner. The analogy may not be perfect, but the fact of the matter is that the phase conversions of quantum matter are Consciousness participative and additive. And until the crystalline phase is obtained, very much in flux.

In addition to the contributions of the individual entities, there seems to be an overarching principle of "Cosmic Harmony" which appears to act as the "Policy Maker" at our level of existence, resulting in potentials residing in the quantum potential which create general tendencies in the precipitation sequences of the quantum phase states as they approach the crystalline phase, by which time the precipitation of the given "observable" is well nigh irreversible. But all this process seems to be adaptively planned out well ahead of the precipitation of the "observable". Thus this "Policy Maker" along with the actual players on the stage of Life, appear to mutually generate the "Future Worlds", which eventually become the world of our direct perceptions. (I hope these expressions are understandable for you.)

The third factor seems to be due to "Global Policies". One of the Global Policies seems to be, "Generate Life wherever possible." Another Policy seems to be, "That which can contribute to the welfare of the largest number of other life-forms will proliferate." Another important policy appears to be, "All Life will contribute to, and support in some regard, all other life." Another important basis element is the fact that all creatures, big and small, are provided with all the tools, skills, abilities, and forms they need to be completely self-reliant and prosper. Obviously this must all be well planned out, way ahead of time, so that all the extant life forms of the given era of time are mutually cooperative and harmonious in the overall scheme of things, at the given time, in the given place.

There appears to be some pretty compelling evidence that the various Consciousnesses are directly involved with the organization of the physical matter which shall eventually form their physical body, by way of manipulating the DNA while still in a predominantly holographic, energetic form. Thus we find that in addition to the fact of "quantum uniqueness" that the individual entity acts on the DNA to precipitate a physical form like unto no other of its kind. (Everything has the qualities of Uniqueness and Personality.) Rupert Sheldrake's "morphogenic field" expressions seem quite appropriate here, as the individual entity can be instrumentally observed as a patterning which generates and precipitates a Unique physical form. (Sheldrake has developed photographic instrumentation which can show the physical form of the mature plant, while the plant is still in the form of a seed, or has only generated its first sprout.)

Author's comment: (Being outside of space-time, our concept of linear time obviously would not restrict any data contained in the sub-quantum. This may provide some interesting results for the "Quantum Computers" being designed by IBM and Fujitsu. Imagine when they start receiving answers to questions they have not yet asked! )

IBM already did this to themselves when they constructed a biological computer. Once they figured out how to do I/O with the mass of cells in the huge vat, they finally arrived at the day where they asked the creature/computer its first question. Apparently, the answer scared them. They dismantled the entire affair in less than a week. All of the employees who had participated in the biological computing project were given new identities and relocated to some other location at one of IBM's vast network of global real estate holdings. (In case you didn't know it, IBM Corp owns more real estate, in terms of land surface area, than the Federal Bureau of Land Management, which includes all of the National Park systems and much, much more.) And the project itself, "Never happened".

The data base is multitudinously participative and also contains policy decisions, "presets", as it were.

Time is a factor, but it works differently. There is a condition which we lable as "All-Time", involved here. That is to say that the entire expanse of Existence in Time is available and involved. (Boy, talk about a tough planning job!)

Author's comment: All sub-quantum "minds", including the "group minds" of creatures not possessed of individual consciousness, exist in the same sub-quantum holographic continuum...thus, being part of a hologram, each "piece" (again we're using analogies that contain space-time concepts...but can we do otherwise? ) contains all of the data to reproduce the whole.

I like the way you think, and your expressions.