Harmony Dynamics Spirit Quests Program

(c) 2001 Robert Neil Boyd

Here is the new listing of the specializations, all of which can be explored by the Harmony Dynamics spiritual practices.

As this is a new attempt to make all of the experiences available to Harmony Dynamics practitioners, comprehensible to the inexperienced majority, the structure of this paradigm is open to review.  Any suggestions for improvement will be heartily appreciated and explored for merit.

Any suggestions should try to keep in mind that we want to look towards the future and the potential that large numbers of people might eventually be involved, internationally, and how these foundational suggestions and approaches might act to bring about more convenience and an easier accessibility for the world at large, by way of the manner in which these new topic areas are organized, relative to the people exploring these options, by way of doing the practices.  (If that very long and complex sentence makes any sense to you...)

In other words, try to get the big picture and the possible effects of any organizational policies on an international community, over large spans of time.

That being said, I will bring forth the organizational paradigm, as it has been explored so far... Again, this is open to change, as this is foundational.  We can make it whatever we want it to be.  Except we don't want it to become a religion, or a philosophy.  The techniques are empirically reliable, and give reproducible results when properly done.  So, in one sense, this is more of a science, believe it or not...

In that regard it resembles the practices of Kriya Yoga, and it turns out that some of the Kriya Yoga practices are quite similar to the Harmony Dynamics methods, and can readily be used to good effect, while there are also techniques in the Harmony Dynamics methods which have no counterpart in Kriya Yoga.

Similarly, on the Technical side of Harmony Dynamics, there are certain techniques that bear some superficial resemblances to such disciplines as Scientology, Knowledgism, Avatar, Sage, Est, and so on. The major difference between such organizations and the basis of their functioning, is that the Harmony Dynamics concentrate strongly on the emotionals, while none of these other systems have explored the emotionals to any visible extent, concentrating almost exclusively on the intellect and its properties.

This is where Harmony Dynamics shines, demonstrating vast superiority to the various intellectually-based methodologies, in terms of rapidity and the depth of results.

To this point, we have created the following new structure, which again, is open to change.

(The issue I have with this paradigm is that the concepts of "grades" and "ranks" and "goals" seem to be at odds with the foundational and Natural tenets of Harmony Dynamics, as delusional and ego-driven events could then occur on occasion.)

Still, on the other side of the coin, if we decide we want to issue certificates of merit, this is the sort of thing that needs to be done. Certifications seem more in alignment with the Technical side of Harmony Dynamics, than with the Spiritual side. But Y'all can help us decide, what we want to do regarding certifications.)

There are three levels of accomplishment, which can be certified by peer review:

Sparrow -- Implies a liberating set of awareness specific to the Topic, as referenced to some set of standards, which are internally referenced to the Topic area and to Harmony Dynamics in general.  (Sparrow is quite an accomplished appellation but should be found eventually to be fairly commonplace, relative to the higher attainments.)

Hawk -- Implies a set of skills and abilities surpassing the Sparrow level, and the attainment of the ability to perform manipulations and adjustments regarding this given subject, as well as the ability to bring forth new information and understandings due to their experiments and explorations in the subject area, which new  data is experientially verifiable by their peers.  (Not so many of these about.)

Eagle -- Lives there... A constant and living Mastery of the given Topic, which occurs in a manner experiencable by others, as mastery.  (For example, an Eagle of Dragons can be observed as living with, or as, the dragons, at certain junctures.)  (Probably won't be too many "Eagles" of anything around.)

There are other appellations, which we want to think about awarding:

"Heart Master" has accomplished the deepest and most soulful heart-unity with those things associated with the given topic, and so understands their Souls and their Life purposes, intimately.  (For example, a "Heart Master of Dogs", should be capable of communicating telepathically and empathically with dogs, on any topic, and should obtain exceptional results due to any requests made of dogs. Natural alliances should observably result.)

A "Sparrow Master" has demonstrated verified competence to the Sparrow level in at least 20 different areas.  (We were going to make it 25, but that may be too difficult for many. Or maybe we want it to be more difficult? You decide...)

Here then are the certifiable subjects' labels, as we have compiled them so far (all these topics have the solid accomplishments in the Basic Practices as a prerequisite):


Air Life (Living Beings that spend time in the air.)

Clouds (The various Cloud Beings and their ways.)

Transcendent Air Beings (Quasi-physical or non-physical types, such as the Above Beings, Elementals, Sylphs, wind-spiders, and wind snakes.)

(These four go together as a sequence.)


Land-based Life Forms

Earth Elementals and Beings


Gaia (Earth as an Intelligent and Aware Being.)

(Five in this group.)


Water Life

Water Elementals

Lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams.


(These five are associated.)


Fire Elementals

(Only two, so far, in this group, due to my lacking of experiences in this area.)

Dragons (Four subcategories of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water types)

Natural Harmonies - Nature's Ways and Plans, on Earth

Nature Spirits and Harmony Beings (Angels, Devas, Dralas, Sprites, etc.)

The Cosmic Harmony

The Divine Harmony




Devas thereof

(The Plant Group)


Aqueous Animal-Life

Reptiles and Amphibians

Birds and Flying Animals

Four-legged animals

Many-legged animals

(Specializations can occur with individual creatures in this

grouping. For example, a person could be declared a "Sparrow of Mantises".)

Life (This is the combined understanding of Life in all its myriad forms.  This should probably be a separate entitlement, as in "Life Master" for example.)

Nature (Especially, how Nature functions, and why it does things.)

Nature Powers

The Hunab Ku (The Intelligence which lives at the center of our Galaxy and influences galactic environmental properties on vast scales.)

Ancients - (Wisdom and technologies from the past. Arcane lore and information.)


Time Travel -Past

Time Travel- Future

Foundations (Principles of Existence)

Physica (Physics in the Natural and in the Spiritual)


The Sacred Mysteries


Cycles and Circles

The Emotionals

The Future Worlds (This is distinct from time travel.)

The Spirit Worlds

The 7 Realms (Faery, Angelic, Fairies, Unicorns, Elven Races, etc.)

Interdimensional - (Other Realities and Universes besides this one.)

Infinities - (Other Realities and their structures)

(The members of this grouping are so complex and interwoven as to defy descriptions, but are absolutely fascinating.)


Locomotion (How things get from over here to over there and Secrets thereof.)

Realms Travel (Wanderings through those 7 realms  which are most easily accessed)

Interdimensional Travel (Physical and Virtual modes)

Time Travel- (Physical and Virtual modes)




Soul States (Being)

Teleportation and Bi-location

Webbing, Threads, Energetic Connectivities of Consciousnesses

(Actually these are separate but intimately related topics.)

The Still Point and Permutations (The Balance Point, the Source Point, etc.)

Guardianship (various and sundry voluntary responsibilities taken on for the Universal Harmony)

The Divine (In all Its attributes and operations.)

Magic (Various and sundry forms of Natural Magic)

Interdimensional Beings (Beings which can travel at will between the Universes, such as the Enu.)

Trans-Dimensional Beings (Beings capable of operations spanning two or more Universes.)

Multi-Dimensional Beings (Beings which have an existence which is based in a simultaneous composite of several Universes)

Trans-Temporal Beings

Intellect (Functions and repairs thereof)

The Transcendental


Reality Shifting and Creations

Shape Shifting

Glamours, Airs, and Auras

Interstellar Beings and Activities

Stellar Beings and Activities

Galactic Beings and Activities

Cosmic Beings and Activities

The Suite of Emotions (Applied) (Healing, Communications, and Technical applications.)

There, I think I've covered all the bases, but I could easily have missed some.

Needless to say, all these things are inter-related.  And we can expect some cross-overs between these various areas, so that as one person gains perceptions and abilities related to a particular area, they will inevitably develop skills and awarenesses in other areas, automatically. 

Due to this aspect of the interconnectedness of things, an individual may start after becoming a "Sparrow of the Deer" and end up knowing about a vast number of other things and events which naturally arose during the course of their investigations. Because of this, this Sparrow may find themselves also being recognized for having made great progress in other areas, such as four-legged animals in general, deer ghosts, and shape-shifting.

In addition, some person might be chasing after "The Divine Attributes of Clouds", a sort of synthesis of two different topics, but in this case, quite a valid and admirable sort of exploration. Thus such an intrepid adventurer should be properly rewarded, if we're thinking in terms of certificates.

All of this creates difficulties for any panel of peer reviewers, needless to say.

Which is why we’ve put these topics before you, so we can decide if we really want to bother creating certifications and doing proper peer reviews, for all these topics and the vast numbers of permutations and combinations of categories.

Please to provide these informations to your clients, friends, and associates for the benefit of all, and so we can think this thing through and decide what we want to do about this certification idea on the Spirit Side of Harmony Dynamics.

One more thing that comes to mind, is that all of these categories should be considered in terms of sports. “Spirit Sports”, one might say. The reason for this expression is that, similar to any other sport, when one takes up that sport, one may start out perhaps doing not so well. Then with diligence, practice, dedication, time and effort, honest personal evaluation regarding how to improve, and perhaps some external coaching, one gradually improves their performance and the improved results are observable to those already involved in that sport. So it is with these “spirit sports”.

Anything that comes to mind after seeing all this will be greatly appreciated, or at least taken into consideration.

Best Wishes, Always,