Constructing the Harmonizer Device
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

To make this device, you will need 2 or 3 feet of copper wire. Single solid strand. Black insulation.

And a rock.

Wrap the wire around the rock, and cross it over itself, then pull it tight. Like you are tying your shoes. When this is done, start twisting the two loose ends of the wire around each other. This will cause the wire to grip the rock very tightly. When the wire grips the rock very strongly, bring up the two loose ends and remove about 3 cm of insulation from the wire ends. Now bring the two ends to meet at the copper, and twist them around each other. The result will be a figure 8 of wire, with one end around the rock and the other end aligned with it, in the air.

This device will act to erase any influence you wish to counteract. This is done by grasping the wire with the fingers and putting a bend or kink in the wire, while at the same time you focus your attention into the wire, along with the emotional system you wish to counteract, then the condition you would prefer to experience. This device works well to counteract bad intent, witchcraft, and that sort of thing.

Bend the wire as you insert your wishes into it, the state you want to experience. The wire remembers and the aether flux carries the information to the rock, which amplifies it, whereupon the aether flux circulates back into the wire, creating a feedback system.

When you have constructed the device, look into the air inside the loop of wire, and you will see much activity of different colors, and distortions of air. That is aether flux. Also, if you insert your hand into the opening made by the wire, you will feel a pressure arise on your hand, which corresponds with the location of the wire. The pressure is the result of aether activities.

Whatever you emotionally inform the wire to remember, it will broadcast. This blocks many discomforts. The only cost is the price of 3 feet of copper wire with black insulation.

I'm not yet sure what the effective range of the apparatus is. But I have had experiences of it being effective 20 feet away from the location of the rock. I sleep with one of these on my pillow.

Recharge the rock every few weeks by leaving it outside on the ground in a location where there is a lot of Nature, over night.

The image below shows an example of a completed device: