Gravitational Waves and Their Interaction with Electro-Magnetic Radiation
(c) Masakazu Karita and Robert Neil Boyd

[R. N. Boyd]:

M. Karita said: "...gravitational waves, tiny vertical waves control the horizontal electro-magnetic waves and produce mixed waves that give you different feelings."

Is this because the gravitational waves are changing the shape of the space which the electromagnetic waves are passing through? Or is it because of a direct interaction between the gravitational waves and the electromagnetic waves?

Also, what are these "mixed waves" you are talking about? Mixtures of what? And, most importantly (to me at least), how do these mixed waves give you different feelings? It's obvious to me that these jpg images create differences which are very easy for me to notice. (I am very sensitive to feelings. I use them as a kind of sight.) I want to know how this happens... (The fact that it happens is not an issue.)

[Masakazu Karita]:

This is a hard question to respond. I need to show you the drawings of Dr. Seki's first to grasp the meanings of vertical and horizontal waves.

Please imagine that both waves are moving toward a certain direction, but that in gravitational waves (hado2.gif), since they are vertical waves, there are rough parts and dense parts. On the other hand, in electro magnetic waves(hado1.gif), E (electric field) and H (magnetic field) as waves go towards X.

The equation on hado2.gif, C, indicates the speed of light. (Einstein found this from the equation of gravitational field.) He thought all waves are horizontal, however, if the Hz is very high, waves are not always horizontal.

The drawing of hado3.gif is an experiment to change laser waves to gravitational waves by using the semi- transparent mirror with CdS. Dr Seki got a hint from the presentation concerning light and supersonic waves presented at IEEEE.

Now, to respond to your question, have you played a rope with your friends when you are a kid? Both kids hold the end of the rope. Suppose you and the other partner are playing the rope and making the wave from left to right. Now you wanted to stop those horizontal waves just in a second, how would you do that? Both are holding the rope tight. You use the power from up to down to stop the horizontal movement but holding the rope very tight, you would probably feel the tiny vertical vibrations in your hand or fingers. Have you experienced this before? Now do the electronic magnetic (horizontal) waves stop if very strong vertical waves occur? The answer would be more or less, but I would say, vertical waves are trying to harmonize with electro magnetic waves (calming down process with milder vertical waves) because EM waves coming out of computers are rather milder compared with other strong EM ones. In the cases of strong EM waves, you really have to stop them for the sake of nature. That means no more of them, otherwise, destructions occur. You or the other partner might get hurt. I am hoping that very powerful gravitational waves could stop or dissolve nuclear radiation. In fact, it seems to be that we have already been involved in the era of wave fight. As you mentioned, mind control technology is one example. However, I am not sure, but what I have read from Oscar Magosci's book and Buss Andrews's stories that UFO and BMI seem to be fighting back and forth in different dimensions. What appears to be in our present dimension seems to be just what appears to be. Underneath in different dimensions there might be quite [different] things going on.

Your explanation on "cytoskeleton" sounds quite interesting. And thank you for the valuable information I have learned a lot from you and that I was convinced that as you get to know further on graviton and gravitational waves, you seem to understand the riddles of the world, universe, and the entire cosmos. If you could start understanding the whole, then you can start understanding that and this instead of rejecting one by one. There is an interesting Chinese parable (the blind men and an elephant). One man who cannot see the whole (in this case, an elephant) insists that one aspect of the truth is definitely this one, therefore, everybody should follow this aspect, referring to the trunk. Another man insists that "no, what we are holding is the big pillar," referring to the leg of the elephant.) Then another man insists that "no, the truth is the sharp spear. No, it is a fan. No, it is a rope."