Gravitational Waves
(c) Masakazu Karita

I would like to suggest that you might burn a couple of the printed gravitonic sheets of paper (after you have downloaded and printed out) near a crystal; the crystal will become the very powerful source of gravitational waves. We, the whole family, use the crystal into our bath tub and enjoy gravitational wave bath, also we shake the crystal over every food we eat and we pour water upon the crystal to get more delicious water for drinking and cooking. All these things including the gravitonic sheets of paper at all the corners of our rooms and especially next to the power switch board have become natural to us. And the electricity in our house is mixed with electro magnetic waves and gravitational waves. Have you set the gravitonic jpg on your computer screen? If you haven't, please do so, that will surely lessen your stress and fatigue while you're using the computer. We put gravitonic sheets of paper under almost all electric equipments. We put more gravitonic sheets of paper under the bed or even under the bed pad. Again if you shake the crystal to wherever, the place will be gravitational wave sources and I hope that will comfort you. If they are too strong for you, you might try the earlier versions or intermediate versions on my web.

To summarize the characteristics of gravitons and gravitational waves, a graviton or several gravitons (usually 6 gravitons) resides in a quark, which is supposed to be the smallest particle in physics so far. Depending where the quark is located, the size of the graviton varies. If the quark was located in a more dense part of an object, the quark size becomes much smaller, and so does the size of the graviton. Suppose the diameter of the quark size is 10cm to the power of minus 12, the diameter of the graviton size is about 10cm to the power of minus 13. A graviton looks like an upside-down truncated cone + a truncated cone, and the whole thing looks like a coiled object. When the graviton goes out of the quark, gravitational waves are born. Then the quark becomes unstable and a new graviton comes into where the previous graviton resides. This becomes a perpetual system or flow (Seki, Hideo:Gravitonics, published by Kasokugakuen, Tokyo, August, 2000, pp3-6)like an ecosystem.

The graviton can be the size of 10cm to the power of minus 70, and the wavelength of the graviton, if going out as gravitational waves, is very short and its frequency is about 10cm to the power of plus 70 per second. That is much, much faster than the light speed. You might be able to communicate with the creator.(Seki, Hideo*Gravitonics, pp16-21) According to Dr. Seki, different dimensional line or five or more dimenional notions can be considered in the different wavelength as we can draw the time line as we are drawing the three dimensional space figure. Suppose we are at the zero set of reality with the three space dimension, plus time, and plus conceivable wavelength(finite visual color spectrum, finite audio level, finite tangibility, finite taste, finite smelling sense, etc.). IN such a situation, only l set of items are possible, however at another or higher wavelength point, l plus m sets of items can be possible and there are different time, and space notion there shared by different beings, likewise, at further another point of wavelength, l plus m plus n sets of items are possible. And at further and further point there are l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z....sets of items are possible. (Seki, Hideo:Five Dimensional World-Unified Science to Understand Miracles-, produced by Chuokoron-Jigyo Shuppan Co., Ltd., Tokyo, August, 1974)

UFO can move from one point to another point and travel through different time zones because each point has each different time system of notion. If so, moving from one physical point to another physical point can be at an instance without visual motion since UFO moves through different wavelength lines or different dimensions. Then materialization and nonmaterialization is possible, if you could manipulate the gravitational waves and the electromagnetic waves. Even changing some materials into gold and into diamond becomes possible.(Seki, Hideo & Sasakino, Masando:Kokorowa Uchuno Kagami-imamietekita graviton no jidai-, published by Seiseishuppan, Tokyo, September, 2000, 66-69)

The characteristics of gravitational waves are:

  1. vertical(Seki, Hideo:Gravitonics, pp1-2)
  2. going through any object, even the globe
  3. mental image, picture, images in computer are gravitational waves as well.
  4. possible to increase the power by overlapping the images
  5. therefore, mirror effects make stronger gravitational waves
  6. quartz, crystals, tourmalines, etc makes the mirror effects as nature.
  7. natural salts, malted rice, fermented beans, etc. produce mirror effects
  8. well because of the shape of the molecules or something else
  9. possible to collect, intensify, multiply, and produce from the nature, and some device,
  10. human brain has the crystal-like function as well as creating mental images, and some can send the images much more strongly than others like Person A does
  11. magnetic fields can be used to produce vertical waves as well as horizontal waves
  12. seem to be, however, one has to be careful of the ways making them and the usages of gravitational waves as they become more and more powerful
  13. many applications are possible since they are basic of the universe.
  14. swinging arms toward backwards many times will lead one to have the gravitational waves within oneself
  15. breathing slowly is practiced in yoga to save gravitation energy coming out of one's body.
  16. possible to collect and increase gravitational waves as a kind of technology.
  17. bringing back to the state as the creator intends can be done by gravitational waves
  18. balancing is important and that is part of wisdom.
  19. ki!( Seki & Sasakino, p84)

Have you heard of EM ceramics? It has become popular in Japan now for those who are sensitive to chemicals and electro magnetic fields. Sick houses are increasing as they are in the United Sates.

Ceramics, quartz, crystals, charcoals, limestones, lagoon, etc. seemed to have something common in the shape of each smallest crystal -- they all can increase the power of gravitational waves because of the mirror effect or the innumerable reflections of images as I made many, many layers of images. There seemed to be different ways to stimulate the graviton in each quark and I tried some to produce the jpg forms, but none worked except my device. And I just found out that the latest version of my device can produce very powerful gravitational waves.

I hope what I have written is somewhat satisfactory to you. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Another explanation about my device

Do you have a floppy disk? Then please copy super950.jpg as many times as possible into a floppy disk till the memory space says no more.

Editor's note: The author has not provided a copy of "super950.jpg". In the event that a copy is obtained, it will be displayed here with the author's permission.

Then make three more floppy disks that are full of super950.jpgs. Put all of the four disks toward your forehead to see whether you feel something, some pressure or heavy feeling. They are the gravitational waves going through your head. The part called coded nucleus can sense the gravitational waves. Then place each floppy disk into the four corners of your room. Your room will be filled with gravitational waves.

Super950.jpg is good for the wall paper for your computer screen to protect yourself from Electromagnetic Waves. I think super951.jpg is good for printing out and it just fits well in the size of A4 after you open it in Photoshop. I use Adobe Photoshop 5.0 or Adobe PhotoDelux. The color was made whiter so that you can save ink. The more you print, the more power you feel. It makes sense, doesn't it mathematically?

Now gravitational waves, tiny vertical waves control the horizontal electro magnetic waves and produce mixed waves that give you different feelings, bringing back your part of your brain to function to produce moderate amount of melatonin which will keep you young and try to give you enough sleep.

You usually feel the gravitational waves on the part of your brain called, I am not sure in English, but something like "coded nucleus" located inside the forehead. It is called "bijokaku" in Japanese, the source of sixth sense to feel the gravitational waves and attached messages.

If this "bijokaku" and the part of your brain relating to your eye sight are connected, you can visualize with 3d whatever has been sent to you as images. In other words, you can read someone's mind. Rarely but surely there are some who can read other people's minds. Dr. Seki is trying to develop future communicational tools by the use of gravitational waves. I am sure you have seen the movie called "Star Wars", in which they were communicating with 3d and motion image pictures. Gravitational waves can travel much faster than the light speed. By the way the light speed changes and has changed for the past. During World War II it was the slowest according to Dr. Seki and Mr. Hatanaka's data. In the future we will be able to communicate each other without any moment of delay and without using the satellite because the fast gravitational waves can go through the globe. Usually gravitational waves are much faster than the light speed. Let's say you imagined something and sent that image to me, if our imaginational wave length are almost the same, we will be communicating to each other by the gravitational waves. However, our "bijokaku"s and the parts relating to our eye sights are not connected, so even if we tried, we cannot communicate with gravitational waves, even supposing our gravitational wavelength are similar. During cold war or even now,

Soviet Union agents were trying to communicate a person in the submarine by telepathy. They practiced so many times. Two years ago I also heard that some American could read other people's minds and showed that on a TV program. Also in Japanese Bushido, reading other people's minds is part of training along with sword-man-ship long before.

So far I talked about images a lot. The jpgs you downloaded are the images, too. I did not send my imagination into the computer. Don't misunderstand me. This is purely a technology. The image you downloaded is the enlarged part of a pink crystal. But don't think the surface of the image has the power of gravitational waves. What appears is just an appearance. You know the latest version of Photoshop? It shows the layers of images. Yes, there are many layers of images underneath what appears to be. The more images it has, the more powerful it is, just the way that the more you print out, the more powerful they become. Then can any image work that way? The answer is "NO".

Only the image that can stimulate a graviton or several gravitons (usually 6 gravitons) in a quark, which is supposed to be the smallest particle in physics so far. Depending where the quark is located, the size of the graviton varies. If the quark was located in a more dense part of an object, the quark size becomes much smaller, and so does the size of the graviton. Suppose the diameter of the quark size is 10cm to the power of minus 12, the diameter of the graviton size is about 10cm to the power of minus 13. A graviton looks like an upside-down truncated cone + a truncated cone, and the whole thing looks like a coiled object.

When the graviton goes out of the quark, gravitational waves are born. Then the quark becomes unstable and a new graviton comes into where the previous graviton resides. This becomes a perpetual system or flow like an ecosystem.

About 150 years ago someone discovered an electron, which has brought our present civilization. (Was an electron about the size of 10cm to the power of minus 8?) Just 150 years since then, but see how much the electron has done to us and to the earth. Now we need to have a balance.

Suppose you have discovered electron, how would you prove that? Yes, you show the light by using the light bulb.

Then suppose you have discovered graviton, how would you prove that? It is much a smaller unit than an electron. Even if you know this graviton will change our whole life as the electron has done to our life, it is hard to prove something invisible.

Dr Seki has written a book called "kokorowa uchuno kagami" --foretelling the age of Graviton--.

Published in September, 2000, and all sold out. "Kokorowa" means Mind, "Uchuno kagami" means "the mirror of the universe (Cosmos)".

I will give you a hint on how I made the device that can stimulate the gravitons of the quarks. If you could find another view, you will find another discovery. You know how you can get electro magnetic waves with something and something. You can use the same two items, but you have to find another view, therefore another way to make it. It is so simple, just change your view. But that is the hardest thing for those who have never tried to look at things with different views, just there are different cultures, different values and criteria, of course different views. It is interesting to see that electro magnetic waves (horizontal waves) had been discovered by a western person and that the importance of gravitational waves (vertical waves) has been discovered by an oriental person. The former is easier to see, but the latter is hard to see or latent. Don't they represent different cultures? In fact, gravitational waves had been, have been, and are and will be with us . All we need to do is to realize what, where, and how they are.

I am trying to have the First World Gravitonics Conference as you have looked at on my web.

I am thinking of revealing the whole things there in such a way that the people on the earth can realize something profound in addition to just the new technology.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me to have the successful conference for the betterment of all beings and our dear globe, the earth.

There is another book called "Gravitonics" written by Dr. Hideo Seki, it is about gravitonics, the whole cosmos with seven universes, and the methods to develop the new communicational tool and the new energy source.

I could not find any scholarly magazines or articles that explain these things above..

However, I seemed to have revealed the whole things here already.

I hope what I have written is somewhat satisfactory to you. I could not respond to your questions properly, but please understand that I cannot do that now.

Science is an inductive, deductive method of testing a hypothesis. Therefore, graviton is part of science as you can feel electricity or the notion of electron, which was discovered about 150 years ago. The jpg !cid_image001 radiates gravitational waves, too. Since it is small, it does not radiate as much as the ones I showed on the net, You can increase the power of gravitational waves by repeating the copy and paste process as many times as you can over the image. You can see the layers in the latest version Photoshop. But there are other ways to increase the power of gravitational waves as you can increase the power of electricity. The energy in the universe was originally made up of the two types; gravitational waves and electro magnetic waves. About 150 years ago someone in the west part of the globe discovered only the horizontal waves which have led to our civilization, that is quite unbalanced. Like the image you sent, however, gravitational waves are all over the world or the globe even inside us, every life has them. However, we did not realize the importance of the gravitational waves as much as we paid attention to electro magnetic waves.

I am completely serious about the gravitational waves as someone used to say that the earth is moving, which nobody doubt anymore. And I can even increase the power of gravitational waves somewhat as we can increase the power of electricity. Someone in the past used the gravitational waves as being mysterious and made them the way people think unreal but real to only those who think so. Religious leaders used some gravitational waves to show some miraculous things to enable their followers to believe them. . However, they are now part of gravitational waves, just vertical waves.

Since every life is made up of these two types of waves, and we have neglected to pay attention to gravitational waves and neglected to keep them. The earth and our life and environment have become quite unbalanced. In order to bring back our health, environment, we need to realize the importance of gravitational waves. That's why if one is not healthy, one can bring back to his health by being in the situation filled by gravitational waves, so does the environment.

Did you download the newest gravitational waves, super950 or super951 jpg. Print super951 as many as 100. I am sure you can feel the strong pressure coming out of the printed sheets of paper. The more you print, the more you feel. It makes sense mathematically, doesn't it?

Reflections of the gravitational waves can also increase the power. Using the mirror, you can increase the power. What's more, there are so called millions of mirrors in crystals, quartz, and tourmalines and other special stones. The crystals of these stones are just like trillions of mirrors. So the mirror effect means the trillions of images of gravitational waves as if you overlap the images of jpg on your Photoshop.

You burn the printed paper near a crystal if you have one, that crystal takes up the power of the gravitational waves so much that if you shake it, it radiates gravitational waves a lot so that the places you have shaken will become gravitational waves radiating places. You can do that over drinks and foods, they will become more delicious and if they are artificially flavored, they become tasteless.

Science is an experiment. Unless you try some experiment, repeat the same experiment, find out the same result, you will never know what is true. You may end up living on the virtual theory life. I made these jpgs to the degree that most of the people can feel if they print up to 80 sheets.

If sent as an attachment by e-mail, you will only send the front layer of the many layer-images, so the power will be almost lost. Does this make sense to you? Please try the graviton car, if you experiment, you can find out what is really true.

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