Generator of Axion Spin Field --
Experimental Results

[Edwin Engel]

I tried the experiment dealing with the transfer of alcohol-information into water and it worked properly. The inebriating effects of the spin treated water could observed by all 4 test persons. Even one person was not informed about the treatment of the water but had the same perceptions. It´s really amazing, the effect is strong and unquestionable. The generator will undoubtedly give advance to the other experiments. I´m very glad about the decision to buy your generator.

Now I try to get a feeling about the properties of the spin field. I measured the spin treated water of the experiment with alcohol in a spectrophotometer and it seems that the light absorption is increased throughout the major part of the spectrum. I´m not really sure and have to repeat it, since the glass of the used quartzkuvettes could be different and this fact alone might be responsible for this result. I will inform you later about this and other experiments.

Thank you very much for giving the opportunity to experience this amazing technology!

[Alexander Shpilman]:


The sort of a material of objects located in a zone of a beam of the generator can influence on realization of experiment.