Fever and the Mystery Disease SARS:
A Bio-Terror Weapon Spreads Around the World

(c) Marshall Smith, Editor, BroJon Gazette

The "mystery" disease SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome, is being used as a "bio-terror campaign" by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. They have used normal diseases with strange new names to terrorize people many times in the last 30 years. SARS is clearly a new variation of an old Influenza. So what makes SARS so dangerous?

Most flu comes from China, as in Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu or Swine Flu, since it is mostly caused by rare avian or bird viruses crossing species with pig viruses. Many rural Chinese farmers raise flocks of geese side-by-side with herds of swine or pigs. Geese and pigs are a traditional Chinese food source. Humans have no natural immunity to avian bird viruses, and are able to "catch" pig or porcine viruses because of the similarity of human and porcine lung and organ tissue.

If a pig is ill with porcine flu and then eats droppings from an avian-virus-infected goose the result is a new cross-species flu virus, with the outer lining of a pig and the inner viral core of a goose, which spreads from central China around the world and usually kills about 100,000 or more each year in the U.S. Several new variations of goose-pig generated influenza occur each year coming mostly from China. Skip all the CDC recommended flu shots. They are much more dangerous killers than any Influenza. Here's why.

The problem is the method of treatment. The viral core molecule of RNA cannot reproduce if the body temperature is above 101 degrees. Humans have genetically developed a natural method to defeat viral infections called a fever. With a mild fever of 101 degrees the telomeres on the ends of the RNA molecule cannot attach and the virus cannot reproduce itself, and the body's white blood cells quickly destroy the invading virus. But the modern "regular" treatment for a fever from a cold or flu is to reduce the fever to ease the discomfort. This is wrong.

By lowering the fever below 100 degrees, the invading virus is allowed to reproduce and spread massively throughout the body. If the multitude of viruses finally cross the blood/brain barrier the result is a fever of 104 or more, causing brain damage or death. This is often called Reyes Syndrome or Viral Encephalitis and is not a disease but the result of improper treatment with aspirin or other NSAIDs to lower the natural viral infection fever.

In the last 50 years a whole new large section in your local drug store has arisen called "Cold and Flu" medications. There seems to be a vast variety of various types to choose from, but really there are only two flavors": those containing Ibuprofen and those with Acetaminophen. These are commonly known as Advil and Tylenol. There are many other similar NSAIDs, but in cold medications those are the two most commonly found.

They are about the same, which is why they both remain side-by-side on the store shelves. These are both NSAIDs (NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) or synthetic forms of aspirin. Since aspirin is an old Native-American Indian traditional medication, made from Aspen Tree bark hence the name Aspirin, its patent ran out over a century ago. But the newer synthetic forms are still patent medicines; and thus the reason for the multi-million dollar ad campaigns each year to get you to buy the higher cost synthetics whenever you get a cough or cold. Don't buy them.

If you become infected with even a single cold or flu virus, it quickly within minutes will enter one of your nose or lung cells, make many copies of itself and then the copies burst out of the damaged cell carrying with them a covering made from the old cell wall material. This covering is to protect the virus from attack since your body will attack and destroy all "foreign" invaders. But since the new viruses are covered with cell wall material made from your own body the white blood cells of your immune system can't see them. These many new viruses also within minutes invade other nearby healthy cells and repeat the process. Without anything to stop it, within several hours that one single virus will have copied itself many millions of times quickly overwhelming your body.

But that very first infected cell, when it became destroyed by the infecting virus sent out a hormonal signal created by bursting the cell wall which causes two things to occur. First, the white blood cells stored in your lymph nodes are sent out to seek and find the cause of the damaged cell. Second, a fever is induced.

In order to raise your body temperature to create a fever the heat losses through your extremities, such as the hands, feet and skin are reduced by slowing down and constricting the peripheral blood flow. This causes your hands, feet and skin to feel cold. You may even shiver. This occurs within several minutes of the first viral damage. This is called "catching a cold" and the cold feeling is the first step to raising your core body temperature to above 101 degrees to stop any further viral reproduction and infection. At this point you may feel achy and uncomfortable, with a chilled sensation and even a mild fever. You may even have sneezed a few times, caused by the nasal irritation of the invading virus.

The term "catching a cold" is generic and refers to the chilled feeling you get, caused by either a "cold" which is due to a rhino virus or infection of the mucus lining of the nasal passages, or to an influenza or flu virus which only infects the lining of the lungs. The two are separate types of viruses. Whether you have a rhino or flu virus determines whether you begin to sneeze, with a runny nose from a cold, or begin to cough with lung congestion from a flu. But that usually occurs an hour or so later after the initial infection. If your immune system is not in good shape you may end up with both.

The medical term "rhino virus" is from the Greek word "rhino" meaning the "nose" and refers to a viral infection of the nasal membranes which we normally call a cold. The medical term "influenza" comes from the Spanish word "influence." This comes from the times of the Crusades in the middle ages when armies of knights from western Europe, mostly England, France, Spain and Germany, first came into contact in the Middle Eastern Holy Land with merchant camel caravans from far Asia, carrying with them not only trade goods but many cases of pig-goose viral infections from China. The viral infections were probably in dried form on the Asian cloth and trade goods, which only needed to be moistened to become re-activated.

The Europeans had no clue where the deadly disease causing viral Pneumonia and swift death was coming from. It was named and identified by the medieval Spanish doctors as the "Influenza de Diablo" or Influence of the Devil. Today we simply call it the flu. What this shows is that the Spanish did not know how to cure coughs and colds by allowing fevers, and that the Chinese farming technique of raising pigs and geese, creating new influenza viruses has been going on for thousands of years. But in those days it took over a year for new diseases to travel from Asia to Europe by camel train.

Today by jet a new pig-goose flu virus can travel from central China to New York City in less than 24 hours. If, when you get the first hint of a cold or flu, you do as you should, and go to bed and stay warm overnight with a mild fever, then the white blood cells can quickly surround and destroy the infected cells, and no new viruses can reproduce to infect other cells because of the fever. These special type of immune system white blood cells are called macrophages, which is from a Greek word meaning "big eaters." The macrophages are very large or "macro" white blood cells and their job is to ingest or eat, or "phageo," the damaged body cells.

By surrounding and swallowing up the infected cells and using chemicals to "eat" or break apart all the material inside, the big macrophages effectively destroy the virus and stop the viral reproduction and infection. No macrophages nor any part of the immune system can actually seek out and destroy viruses directly. The macrophages can only find and destroy virus-infected cells, which are found since they have a different outer cell wall structure once the virus enters the cell. So it is a two-step process, but it actually works. And usually within 6 to 8 hours after the chills and fever begin, the virus infection is completely stopped and destroyed.

But, if instead of doing as you should and go to bed and stay warm, you also take a cough or cold medication to reduce the discomfort of the fever, you then actually allow the viruses to reproduce. They start to spread throughout your body. And with the reduced fever you feel well enough to go to work. You cough and sneeze invisible micro-droplets of mucus containing viruses and infect your family, friends and co-workers, and even the people you pass on the street. You become the source of a spreading epidemic. For a week you feel miserable but continue going to work until your fever starts to rise up to about 104. Then you go to the doctor or clinic. But by then it is too late.

X-rays show that your lungs are congested with fluid. That fluid is the huge number of puss-like lymph node macrophage white blood cells trying to cope with the vast array of virus-infected damaged lung cells. At this point it is often a losing proposition. You are diagnosed with viral pneumonia, and its about 50-50 whet her you will survive. If you are young and in good health with an effective immune system you may survive. If you are older or with a damaged or aging immune system, viral pneumonia death is almost a certainty. There is no cure or treatment for viral pneumonia.

All caused because you were misinformed and took a cough or cold medication to reduce an uncomfortable fever. Your body would have prevented and quickly cured the viral infection, if you had allowed a fever to do its job and stop the viruses from reproducing.

Even the North American Indian "doctors" who first developed the Aspen Tree bark, aspirin precursor, medical treatment did not use it for viral infections. They used it only for bacterial infections. The bacterial infections are usually caused by cuts, gashes or damage to the skin or underlying tissue which produce swelling and pain, caused by bacteria entering the wound. A poultice of tree bark was applied to the skin to reduce the swelling and pain caused by a different type of macrophage which directly attacks and "eats" invading bacteria. Aspirin is still used effectively today as a mild pain reliever for injury induced swelling and pain. But the very same Indian "doctors" had a much better way to cure the cough and colds of viral infections. They induced a fever.

When European immigrants began to settle in the New World in the 17th and 18th centuries, they discovered that many native American tribes were treating their "patients" who had coughs, colds, chills and fever with something called a "sweat lodge." The infected ill "patient" was isolated in a small quickly made thatched hut with a small hole dug in the center of the floor filled with water. Hot rocks from a nearby fire were put into the water until it boiled and produced steam. The "feverish patient" slept overnight in the steamy sweat lodge and the next morning took a quick brisk dip in a nearby cold stream and was completely cured. The dip in the cold water was not actually part of the anti-viral treatment, but was really a morning kick-start for the circadian rhythm system to remove the logy "jet-lag" symptoms from having just had a high fever. Thus the "patient" is now invigorated and cured with a sense of health and well-being. No, the Indians did not know about viruses, bacteria or circadian rhythms. They only knew what worked best after thousands of years of medical trial and error. Sometimes grandma's old folk remedy does work best. In this case it does.

The North American Indians were not the only ones to use the "sweat lodge." It was well known and used worldwide in ancient times. It is the source of the healthful Scandinavian "Sauna Bath." Even 2,000 years ago when the ancient Romans invaded Britain, they found that the locals were curing coughs and colds by placing the patients in small huts near a bubbling geothermal pool which produced natural steam. That natural steam pool was located at a village called Bath, England.

The ancient village of Bath is the source of the English name "steam bath." The Romans built a large temple over that geothermal pool and spread the concept of the health-inducing Bath House throughout the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, the Romans lost the original medical reason for the therapeutic fever-inducing steam hut, and the Bath House became merely a popular "health spa" location for social interchange, which still remains today.

Even in modern day America and Europe until the 1930's and '40s a common home remedy for treating the onset of the chills and fever from viral infections was for the "patient" to sit with feet in a basin of warm water, body wrapped in warm towels and the head draped with a large towel while breathing steam from a boiling tea kettle. The treatment usually didn't work, since it did not last all night or long enough to work, but was clearly based on an attempt to duplicate the old Indian steamy "sweat lodge" therapy. In this case, grandma's old folk remedy didn't work. But at least, grandma's loving TLC along with some warm chicken noodle soup, didn't hurt.

Thus the traditional knowledge of how to quickly and effectively cure a common cold or flu infection due to viruses has been known worldwide since ancient times. But you are not supposed to know that. You are not supposed to know that you can quickly cure a viral infection overnight by yourself and at no cost to you. You are supposed to believe that you need costly medications and medical treatments to cure new life-threatening diseases.

That's the job of the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. That job is nothing short of medical bio-terrorism.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia is not what you might think it is. First note that the first word in the name is not "Center" but is "Centers." There is no Center in Atlanta that does medical research or cures diseases. What is in Atlanta is merely a government administrative building which administers the many "Centers" throughout the United States. The Atlanta office is funded and operated by the Federal Government. The many different Centers are mostly funded with private grant money from pharmaceutical companies who deal in drugs relating to the specialty of each of the many Centers.

If a Center in Montana, specializing in rare tropical reptilian viruses accidentally discovers a new Framawitz Disease and finds that a drug called Gillibrulin will cure it, then the disease and the drug are owned by the pharmaceutical company which privately funded the medical research. The company then has the right to develop and exploit the drug to make billions in profit. Thus the reason for the strange separation between the Federal government office in Atlanta and the many separate privately-granted research Centers around the United States. And the reason for the name "Centers" for Disease Control.

The purpose of the main office in Atlanta is to be a promotional agent and salesman for the pharmaceutical companies who "discover fictitious disorders" at the various "Centers" and then convince you that to prevent Framawitz Disease you need to be on a lifetime dose of Gillibrulin, which you need as much as you need a horseshoe kick in the pants. But the CDC has convinced many people and their governments to pay billions of dollars per year around the world to the drug companies to prevent diseases by just that method. I call it bio-terrorism.

In the last 20 years, in my research, articles and media interviews I Have identified 12 fictitious medical problems which have resulted in Massive billion dollar profits to a few pharmaceutical houses. All of the medical problems were either man-made or don't exist, and were hyped and promoted by the CDC. All of them are characterized by including the words Disorder or Syndrome in their names. That's because they are not legitimate diseases. I am sure you can think of a few of the big ones. I won't mention them here, since that would take us off topic. Here we are only focusing on the latest hype, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, SARS, a classic case of CDC bio-terrorism.

According to an AP wire story from March 29, 2003, "On Saturday, the first doctor to realize the world was dealing with an unfamiliar disease died of the illness in Thailand. Dr. Carlo Urbani, 46, of Italy, a World Health Organization expert on communicable diseases, became infected while working in Vietnam, where he diagnosed a U.S. businessman hospitalized in Hanoi, the U.N. agency said. The businessman later died."

What can I say? At age 46, Dr. Urbani was getting old enough for having an age-reduced immune system. If he had followed the normal CDC-WHO advice he would have treated the symptom of flu, the fever, and not the cause, the viral infection. He would have tried to treat and reduce the fever by using cough medications containing NSAIDs, which is the equivalent of signing his own and his older patient's death warrants.

In the same article, the head of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding said that no successful drugs or treatments had yet been found. Of course not, there is no and never has been any successful drug treatment for viral pneumonia. Especially when it gets to be a hospital case with a fever of 104 degrees. If the problem is a bacterial lung infection, then there are antibiotics like penicillin which can kill the bacteria. But antibiotics have no effect on viral pneumonia. The only known successful treatment for viral infections is a fever which completely stops the viral reproduction. Its been known for thousands of years.

The article continues, "U.S. health officials said Saturday that none of the antiviral drugs and other treatment they have tested are effective against a flu-like disease that has killed at least 54 people and sickened nearly 1,500 others around the world." What can I say? Is this the blind leading the blind, or what? What we do learn is that SARS is "flu-like" and it has sickened 1,500 worldwide and has killed 54. But compare that to the normal annual flu season which sickens several hundred millions each year with a normal death rate of about one million annually worldwide, and about 100,000 dying of influenza-induced viral pneumonia each year in the U.S. alone.

SARS is not even a statistical drop in the medical bucket. And there is no indication that SARS is any different from any other form of cold or flu from a viral infection. So how does the CDC get to scare or terrorize you into believing that SARS is any worse or more dangerous than any other annual flu? Mostly its done with the assistance of an uninformed press and media which simply publishes the CDC handouts without any knowledge of what it means. This has been going on for about 25 years. I squarely target the news media as the primary cause of such medical nonsense for publishing without investigating the facts.

What is different and unique about SARS is simply the fact that the CDC has for the first time put a name on a flu variant while there are still so few cases. Normally each year the CDC identifies the many dozens of newly discovered flu forms with odd names like Asian type dcp-9w37 or some such gibberish that even your own doctor has no idea what it means. That information is only useful to CDC forensic technicians to make up a new flu-shot cocktail each year, based on finding out what pig-goose flu variants were discovered floating around Asia last year. And you thought you had to be a doctor to figure this stuff out.

Do the Chinese know that their farmers raising pigs and geese together are the source of most influenza in the world? Yes, its been discussed in the medical journals for the last 25 years. Do the Chinese do anything about it? No. Nobody knows why. Maybe its a Chinese form of population control to weed out the wheat from the chaff among their vast multitude of six billion Chinese. Who knows? The Chinese medical profession does not even collect data on the number of pig-goose influenza cases which occur each year and in what province, region or district they came from.

For whatever reason, pig-goose viral infections keep coming from Asia each year, as they have for thousands of years. You don't need to believe the CDC story about SARS being some kind of new dangerous killer and you should run out to get your latest flu shot or dash to the store to stock up on a case of "Tylenol Cough and Cold" to help prevent that dreaded 104 degree fever. The only people who benefit from that CDC advice are the drug companies who make the flu shots and manufacture all those many "flavors" of cold medicines. It does not benefit you. To believe the CDC story about SARS and to treat the fever of flu with medications is to roll the dice with death. Don't do it.

Here's a prediction. Based on the fact that there is as yet no test to distinguish SARS from any other cold or flu, some medical labs are calling SARS a form of cold virus and others call it some kind of new influenza virus. The CDC is defining a case of SARS as a flu-like fever and having had recent contact with a person from Asia or China. In this day of jet travel, that pretty much includes anybody in the world who comes down with a cold or flu.

Since there are usually several hundreds of millions of cases of cold or flu each year, by mis-labeling SARS, that means without any clear differential diagnosis to separate the fever of SARS from flu, the number of reported cases in the next week will skyrocket from 1,500 to about 10,000, and to around 200,000 by the end of the month. Why?

Because your doctor does not have access to all those expensive tests to determine which brand of flu you might have, he just assumes you have that thing that's going around" which in this case is SARS. Thus you are diagnosed as having SARS even if you only have the sniffles. Not because there was any test to determine if that is true, but simply because, to be safe, your doctor assumes it to be true. The CDC can then toot their horn and claim they have discovered a new rapidly expanding epidemic based on the number of "reported cases," but all they have really done is mis-label flu as SARS.

The CDC has done this many times before. Two such cases are Eosinophilia Myalgia Syndrome (EMS), and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Both billion dollar high-profit "diseases." Probably the best thing to do is just ignore the CDC and get on with your life.

Best advice: do not try to lower a fever, it is your genetically derived natural human defense against any viral infection. Stay wrapped up and warm to cause a sweat. Drink fluids to replace the water lost by sweating. And within 6 to 8 hours overnight the cold or flu is gone. Many older doctors knew this, which is the reason for the old docs advice, "go to bed, stay warm, drink fluids." But younger docs just out of med school have been taught there is a drug or pill to treat everything. The result of using expensive pills or over-the-counter medications to reduce the fever from colds and flu is prolonged illness, the epidemic spread of viral diseases and the unneeded deaths of hundreds of thousands each year. Don't buy it.