The Fabrics of Consciousness

© R.N.Boyd

According to the Vedas and the Upanishads, matter is composed of infinitesimal particles called "bhutatmas" which are also the smallest units of Consciousness. In Kashmir Shaivism, which is based on the Vedas, matter is composed of “tattvas” which are units of consciousness and are also considered a type of energy. Furthermore there are many layers of consciousness in this system, where the most dense forms refer to matter. We have evidence that something like these infinitesimal particles, these “units of consciousness”, exist.  The researches of Gariaev, Poponin,, show that the vacuum itself has a memory. The measurements done by this group indicate that the agency responsible for retaining this memory must be smaller than the Planck length, in other words, smaller than 10 e-33 cm across. In the paper describing their results, they describe coherent energetic entities called “solitons”, which are comprised of a loosely coupled coherent system of subquantum entities. This coherent solitonic system of loosely coupled entities can be viewed as a partial description of Consciousness.

Eminent neurophysiologist Karl Pribram proved that the memory of the human being is not localized in the brain at all. His experiments proved that the memory is distributed in space, not necessarily contiguous with the physical form, in a holograph-like manner. This means that there exist multitudinous copies of any memory object in the volume of the hologram.

The Pribram model of memory is like a hologram. When you cut a small piece out of a hologram and shine the proper light on it, a complete copy of the original hologram, albeit smaller, is observed. This understanding was completely at odds with the then prevailing views of consciousness, which had the view that memories resided at particular and exclusive locations within the physical brain.  Due to this mistaken view, many experimenters subsequently made many attempts to disprove Pribram's results by means of cutting out various parts of the brains of laboratory rats which had been trained to run through mazes, thinking that if they cut out the correct part of the rat's brain, that it would lose its ability to negotiate the maze. Such results would support the old notions of localized memory. Attempts to disprove Pribram’s hypothesis by the method of cutting out and removing various brain segments all failed.

Later, some researchers did things like take the rats’ brains completely out and turn them sideways, upside-down, backwards, and all manner of directions. The rats which were treated in these barbaric manners never lost their ability to negotiate the maze. Later on, out of sheer frustration that Pribram's expressions might be right, one research team went so far as to remove the brain from a rat and put it through a blender. Then they poured the resulting liquidic slurry back into the poor rat's skull. When the rat awoke from the anesthetic, it effortlessly ran the maze, and otherwise went on about its business. These researchers thereby turned about to support the Bohm-Pribram holographic model of memory.

The results of Pribram indicate that the memory of the human being is a hologram-like system, which does not reside in the same volume as the brain. Pribram’s clinically derived results support Bohm’s notion of the universe as a hologram. Then we want to know, where is the medium in which this hologram can reside? Such a medium is described by Gariaev, Poponin, , in terms of solitons in a system of loosely coupled subquantum particles. What we see now, is the possibility of a hierarchical system of hologram-like solitons which reside in a medium of loosely coupled subquantum particles. This takes us back full circle to expressions regarding the “tattvas” and “bhutatmas” of the Vedic system.

In further support of these holographic notions, we have Andrej Detela’s descriptions of the “biofield”, an energetic description based on instrumentations of the complex electromagnetic structures found in the vicinity of biological forms. Detela says, in part,” It is assumed that the biofield is a three-dimensional web woven of vibrating electric and magnetic fields. Lines of these fields are like tiny threads in a three-dimensional textile. These electromagnetic fields display very complex internal organization. We find a peculiar variety of chiral solutions to Maxwell equations, which do not dissipate energy and lead to stable field structures. This is the so-called informational basis of the biofield. The simplest structures of these kind are toroidal knots. When electric charge with very light mass enters the informational biofield, non-linear phenomena take place. These non-linear phenomena are based upon bifurcations in internal electric currents and upon resonance effects between currents and fields. We find an evolution of the field structure. This evolution is a syntropic process, oriented in time. There are several obvious conditions for syntropic behavior, and one of them is [found to be a] quantum coherence in the states of electric charge.

[The] biofield always comprises both: the informational basis and the evolutionary component. Both are necessary. The first obeys the linear Maxwell equations and preserves the structural form of the biofield. Linearity leads to superposition of many different non-local states, therefore to a great capacity of information storage. The second is responsible for evolution of the biofield from primitive toroidal knots to very complex forms (with many knots) which show all the features of life.

The structure of biofield is in close correspondence with the molecular structure of living organisms. The discrete knots in the biofield web are in interaction with discrete atoms and molecules in living cells, therefore the biofield can regulate many processes in living cells. The most probable candidates for this kind of interaction are the chiral molecular structures of proteins and nucleotides, for example microtubules and DNA helices."

Now we have established some preliminary framework for an energetic description of Consciousness. Now we will examine more of the energetic properties of that which are associated with this coherent holographic system. For example, it may well be that the Consciousness inherently inhabits multiple dimensionalities. This is due to topological considerations, and the fact of the interactions between the operators of symplectic E/M transmission facilities and the measured symplectic radiation patterns leaving the antenna. There is an important understanding to be gained, at this point. That is that the emotional conditions propagate by the vehicles of the Moebius E/M and the symplectic E/M. That is to say that these varieties of E/M are involved with the radiations of emotions and receptions of emotions and perhaps other informational content, as well.  A reference which was removed from the Los Alamos archive several years ago, described a series of experiments which showed that the emotional states of the operators of a symplectic E/M radio transmission facility directly and measurably altered the radiation patterns emanating from the transmission antennas, instantly correlating with the activities of the consciousnesses of the operators. In addition, similar experiments have shown that the factors of attention and intention are also carried by these vehicles. It was also shown that the observed alterations in the radiated patterns from the antennas, directly influenced the quantum potential by way of causing divergences in the quantum field.
The “forces” of intention, attention, and the emotional state are thus directly measurable. This should be taken advantage of. The strongest of emotional resonances may be created due to symmetries of the emotions amongst the various Beings which have placed some degree of attention on one another. This mechanism would then work in much the same manner as any other kind of electromagnetic resonance.

We also want to examine the regimes of the hyper-dimensional awarenesses and perhaps even trans-temporal  awarenesses, which are in some cases, also non-corporeal. In this regard, it is clear that many forms which have heretofore been considered as inert, such as clouds, rocks, and so on, will be realized to be far from being inert, and possessed of the various qualities of Consciousness. Relevant here  is the fact that the conformal physics as related to this new quantum basis indicate that the Moebius E/M and the symplectic E/M can be used as vehicles for perceptions and ("telepathic") communications by the vast variety of forms of Consciousness, even into other universes and dimensions. This is due to the mathematical relationship between the quaternions, the symplectic E/M (“symplectic” means the even numbered quaternions), and the Clifford algebras, the Moebius transform E/M.

In 1995 the writer had a telephone conversation with Karl Pribram. The possibility was suggested to him that Consciousness could be modeled in the quaternions. For some reason, it turned out that this model had never crossed his mind, although he was familiar with the quaternions. Pribram contemplated the concept for a moment and then became very excited by the implications and accuracies of it.  He agreed that this would indeed be a wonderful model for the Consciousness and wanted to know with which institute the writer was doing research.

Later, quaternionic views and expressions were included in Pribram's researches. Today it appears that the Clifford algebras are a better model, because Clifford algebras can model any manner of consciousness in any universe or dimension. (The quaternions are one of the Clifford algebras.)

(See Tony Smith's comments on this kind of model at - clifford - DNstructure)

We may also view these various energetic behaviors as organizational relative to the physical observables. It appears from this new perspective that consciousness in its various forms is directly involved with the various processes of the organizations of matter and energy. It is true that such organizations are observable fact, and are seen everywhere in Nature. Now perhaps we can describe some parts of this process by means of the above mechanisms.

Also, increasing empirical evidence suggests that functionally organized information processing systems must extend into non-physical levels for information supply. This statement is fully supported by the interactions which involve the Moebius transform and symplectic E/M. Importantly, the fact that the Moebius E/M can be transduced into normal E/M by the use of any suitably non-linear optically active media allows for further instrumentation and an increased resolution of the ability to image the energetic aspects of Consciousness.

The subquantum domain will most likely to be found to have a different set of laws than the normal Planck scale, and above, quantum physics, which set of laws will probably correspond to the Planck scale quantum physics in much the same manner as the "Classical" corresponds to the quantum, at the limit of the quantum domain.

According to Klein, “The ability of space-time bound energy systems to react to downward modulating effects originating in sub-quantum realms does not contradict Velman's "complementarity principle" from a non-reductionist perspective upon the brain/mind interaction.

The Princeton model for standing wave patterns confined to limiting structures (with inductive potential of some resonant disturbances in adjacent topologic fields) is highly consistent with some relevant hints received by ITC procedures regarding receiver-bound transient focal informational condensation originating in transcendent matrix fields - where human brain acts as information attractor - able to supply anchorage for free probability waves of non-local consistency, and thus to establish a semantically significant communication channel.

From this particular perspective, there is no phenomenological difference between trans-communicative interference systems (as known in ITC) and telepathic links established between brain-bound conscious structures (where informatively charged biogravitation might operate by symmetric resonance effects). In addition, experiments have shown that the factors of attention and intention are also carried by these vehicles.“

This is an admirable description, because it will also apply to the non-biological and non-corporeal forms of intelligences. Such symmetric resonances also occur by the vehicles of Moebius transform E/M, the graviphotons, and by means of the symplectic E/M. The Moebius transform E/M propagations, again, are allowed any velocity, from zero velocity to infinite velocity, while the symplectic (quaternionic) E/M is Lorentzian and thus limited to light velocity. But both these vehicles are involved with so-called "telepathic" communications, and both will affect the quantum potential, which is measurable in terms of excursions of unexpected organizations in the normally chaotic "quantum noise" (zitterbewegung). Because of this, we can apply the Shroedinger equations to the quantum noise, and look for organizations and patternings embedded in the noise resulting from the activities of Consciousness. Instrumentation can be developed on this principle. The author designed and developed one such instrument in 1992. The “Mindsong” and “Orion III” random event generators used by PEAR labs are more current examples of such instruments. These kinds of instruments can be dramatically refined by application of HNeT artificial intelligence to parse the data stream for organizations and patternings which would be undetectable to the human investigator. Using HNeT, correlations can be found between, for example, words, and the appearances of complex interspersed patternings in the quantum noise data.
It appears possible that when the Consciousness is allowed into the framework of quantum physics, that QM is discernable as a completely causal system. However, the difficulty now lies in discovering all of the various levels and kinds of Consciousness which are involved in various manners with the precipitation of a given physical event or observable, so that we can make predictions based on such factors. By this, the various oracle systems which have been devised by humanity throughout time have a basis in fact, whereby the activities of various consciousnesses act to imprint patternings in the quantum potential.

It may be shown that relativitistic considerations must perforce be entirely eliminated from the quantum physics. When this is done, the entire meaning and understanding of the quantum physics changes in a fundamental, more understandable and meaningful way, while at the same time retaining its predictive ability. In fact, when relativistic considerations are removed from QM, the quantum physics becomes a much more valuable tool, capable of predicting many more kinds of events, some of them completely new to the world of physics, being involved with the activities and influences of the various forms of Consciousness on the world of "observables".

It should be pointed out at this juncture that relativity theory does not presently incorporate consciousness in any regard, and thus, in its present formulation, relativity theory will completely fail wherever any manner of Consciousness is involved. (It is good that this is so! Because otherwise the entire history of the entire cosmos would be preordained, invariable, and perfectly inevitable, based on initial conditions. Fortunately, such inevitability is almost completely wrong, because of the fact that consciousness has vast and myriad affects on the physical. Please examine the references above, for a proper understanding of the mechanism describing eventualities.)

It is possible that the Consciousness energetic is involved with the organizations of the physical world, so as to precipitate a physical form. The energetic itself can be described as above, as a holographic entity in a Moebius E/M form with a basis in a subquantum media. The Moebius hologram model automatically allows for the emanation of symplectic E/M, and because the symplectic has been shown to directly influence the physical in terms of divergences in the quantum potential, resulting in alterations of any event which involves probability and the precipitation of physical events and observable, as we have mentioned before.
In terms of instrumentable alterations of the radiated symplectic E/M, and the Moebius transform E/M, creating telepathic linkages by way of resonances of intention and emotion, brought about by the property of Attention, which originates from the Unique Entity, and due to the superluminal holographic connectedness implied by the graviphotons, an instantaneous linkage to all consciousnesses in all domains, times, dimensionalities and universes can exist for any given Entity, depending on where the attention alights. Implied in this functionality is the possibility of direct awareness of any or all consciousness at any or all "places", all at the same time! Such a state has been called "cosmic consciousness", and it appears that this condition is probably universally available to all the varieties of consciousness, if the attention is allowed an uninterrupted period of focus on the existing harmony.

Due to the facts of non-locality and the interconnected holographic nature of the universe in the quantum sense, all information about every point in the universe is available at any point where you wish to fix your attention. Technically, this information can be conveyed by the 4 graviphoton varieties which can pass through the imaginary part of space such that we can then use the mathematics of analytic continuation to "see" things in distant times and places mathematically. And in terms of senses, if we had the ability to see by way of these graviphotons, all space and all time would be at our disposal. There is reason to think that perceptions via the graviphotons may be available in an intuitional sense and perhaps even in some physical sense. In this sense, and in the holographic sense, all the varieties of consciousness are probably linked by a vast and complex webbing of interconnections, access to which, depends on the focus of attention of the individual entity.

This concept may have a relationship to - biomagnetite .The question arises here, why should there be millions of microscopic magnets in the human brain? If the function of such magnets were simply to provide information on which way was North, then it stands to reason that we would only need one such magnetic construction surrounded by neurons. Perhaps these millions of magnetic structures in the brain serve some other purpose, such as acting as some kind of transducers, changing energy from one form to another, thereby making information available to the Consciousness that would, perhaps, not otherwise be available?

One of the big mistakes of modern psychology is in regarding the physical brain as the cause of all conscious awareness and then trying to cure the brain by modifying its physical state. The activities of the brain result from the activities of the energetics of Consciousness. Not the other way around. From the understandings of basic physics, energy is required to initiate any motions in any physical system, including of course, the human brain.

The Hammeroff-Penrose model has it that the microtubulins are the “seat” of consciousness, and ultimately the “cause” of consciousness. With regard to the Hammeroff-Penrose microtubulin model, we can only agree that it is possible to tentatively state that the microtubules may be "the physical focus" of consciousness. In other words, it is possible that the microtubules might be the transduction means whereby the holographic energetic, which is the actual Consciousness itself, operates the human physical form. However, the activities of, and in, the microtubulins are the result of Consciousness, not the “cause” of Consciousness, nor the "seat" of Consciousness.

One example of experimental and instrumented results which the microtubulin model fails to account for, was a series of experiments wherein terminal patients volunteered to be placed inside hermetically sealed chambers. These chambers, and everything contained in the chambers, were weighed to an accuracy of one ten thousandth of a gram. Inevitably, when the individual inside the chamber passed on, the measured weight of the sealed chamber reduced on the order of 3 to 5 grams of mass. This mass discrepancy was coincident in time with the passing over of the volunteer in the chamber. The researchers came to believe that this might be due to some energetic component moving away from vicinity of the body. Subsequently, they placed very sensitive electromagnetic detection systems all over the outsides of the chambers. Then they were able to observe that when the terminal patient died, that an electromagnetic impulse was picked up by the detection apparatus. (By E = mc ^2 , three grams of mass is equal to about 17,000,000 kilowatt/hours of electricity. Consciousness is a powerful thing.)

The Hammeroff-Penrose microtubulin model utterly and completely fails when dealing with forms of consciousness other than human beings, such as rocks and clouds and stars and mountains, and so on. The most catastrophic failure of the microtubulin model is that it can never possibly deal with the various non-corporeal, energetic forms of consciousness.

Since people are not the only "things" that are conscious, in the infinity of infinite universes and the infinite dimensions, and since it seems clear that the microtubulin model is capable, at best, of addressing a singular biological component out of an infinite variety of forms of consciousnesses, both corporeal and non-corporeal, the microtubulin model fails in these regards. Therefore it fails in general as reliable and useful model. The only possibilities of escape from the vast array of failures of the microtubulin model rest in the false hopes that, perhaps, in all the universes and dimensions, that only human beings and animals have any manner of Consciousness and that there are never found to be any non-corporeal forms of Consciousness.

One of the roots of the difficulties encountered with regard to understandings and descriptions of the physics of Consciousness is in the fact that the Physics does not, in itself, directly incorporate Consciousness. This results in a sad lack in the ability of the physics to adequately deal with any manner of event which involves Consciousness.

For example, from Quantum Mechanics, let us examine the EPR experiment in terms of consciousness: One important understanding about EPR, is that the purpose of Bell's inequality, which was developed with EPR in mind, was to show that any local hidden variable theory which allows for any kind of independent disturbance of a system from outside the system, must imply a failure of quantum mechanics.

Such a failure has occurred in the form of the results of Radin, Jahn, and Dunne at PEAR, which show with a greater statistical basis than that used to prove QM, that systems are indeed disturbed from outside of the system, by Consciousness. Similar pictures are found in the math which accompanies the results of the experiments done over the years at PEAR. These results clearly show the effects and influences of the consciousness on various non-linear and probabilistic systems.

Simply put, quantum physics does not address consciousness, while it is empirical fact that consciousness has measurable effects on physical systems. The same can be said with regard to relativity theory. Relativity fails to describe or predict any event which involves consciousness.

The present physics treatments of reality have a basis wherein nothing whatsoever has any manner of consciousness, including people. Clearly, this is wrong, because obviously the writer and the reader, at least, are conscious. Since the entire cosmos is either consciousness, an emanation of some manner of consciousness, or resulting from the activities of some manner of consciousness, it is clear that the standard physics fail to address the majority of observable reality, due to catastrophic oversimplifications which exclude consciousness in all regards. Obviously, the way to correct this situation, is to incorporate understandings of the influences of Consciousness into the physics, as basis elements. We are making a small start here.

R.N. Boyd