Eidetic Intellect, Infinity, and the Subquantum Field
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

It has been accurately stated that symbols are abstract representations of intellectual concepts.

But intellectual concepts are themselves, symbols or abstractions, of actual personal experiences.

The intellectual abstraction can never be the thing. It is at best a limited descriptive reference, pointing at the experiencable, but never reproducing it, or attaining it. The symbol is not the thing described. The word is not the thing. The number is not the thing.

Also, Nature doesn't count, or do numbers, much less mathematics. It only knows directly, that there is enough, or there is not enough. Mathematics are an invention of the analytical human intellect. The human analytical intellect is an artifact of the past. The function of the analytical intellect is to predict the future, based on the past, and be right about it. Even when the analytical intellect has developed false conclusions, it wants to stick to them, cling to them, defend them. From the analytical thinking, there arises most of the various forms of suffering.

But foundational to Nature, is a different kind of intellect, based only on the information which is in the ambient environment in this instant: The sounds and the light and the temperature and the wind and the smells and the emotional content arising from the environment. All of this at once is called "eidetic", meaning "all experiences at once". So there is an Eidetic Intellect, one that is not involved with symbols, abstractions, or representations. The Eidetic Intellect is involved only with the eidetic experience which is available in the moment.

Interestingly, the eidetic intellect has the natural ability to tap into the quantum potential, into the future, since the potentials for all future events, exist in this moment. Thus, the eidetic intellect is much more accurate in its predictions, than is the analytical intellect, with all its abstractions and symbologies, being based on the past and never on the present. The eidetic intellect doesn't count. It doesn't do math. It only knows directly, that there is enough, or there is not enough.

The Universe is founded on the eidetic intellect, not the analytical one. The Universe operates based on eidetic considerations. Creation is an eidetic process, NOT an analytical one.

Also, the proof by Godel regarding the limitations of logical systems, should be enough to convince anyone that math is not the answer, nor is math the direction that will solve all the mysteries of the Universe. Godel's Law states that there is no logical system that is both consistent and complete. "Complete", meaning that all forms of infinity are included, with no single item left out. "Consistent" means that there are no paradoxes, or inconsistencies in the logic.

The human, analytical form of thought, evidences both these weaknesses, and many others.

The informational basis of the Continuous Creation process is EIDETIC information, NOT SYMBOLOGIES OR MATH. It has to be understood that it is EIDETIC information that is being held and transported. NOT symbolic information, or math. The universe is not based on the limitations of any manner of analytical logic. The Universe is based on Eidetic intellect, a different kind of intellect than the analytical form.

The analytical intellect can not accomplish such feats, being built of the past. Only the Eidetic intellect can attain such feats. The eidetic is based on Pure Awareness, in the moment.

A very neglected and powerful form of discernment arises here, being based on the observable facts which are present in the moment, NOT on the representations and abstractions of the analytical logic, being based on the past. You see, the only way around Godel's Law is by way of the eidetic intellect, based on the actual, the factual, the observable. In the moment. I operate primarily in the eidetic intellect. The eidetic awareness and intellect, is very close to the empirical. I have said before, I am an empiricist. That will always be so. All the denizens of Nature also operate based on the eidetic intellect. So I am very much like they are. And We understand each other, effortlessly, telepathically, eidetically.

Please try to comprehend how the Universe, the Continuous Creation Process, is an entirely eidetic one, operating out of eidetic awareness and the eidetic intellect. Godel's Law means that all our analytical logic will never be able to penetrate its secrets, since the analytical thought is always constrained and contained in Godel's Laws, being utterly and inherently incapable of Infinity, which infinity is what needs to be Experienced, not analytically thought about. Also, the analytical intellect is riddled with paradoxes and inconsistencies, whereas the eidetic intellect is never so.

Thus, I talk about the transport of eidetic information by the vehicles of the various SubQuantum particles, and the infinitesimals. Because that is exactly the way things are. And further, that this is the actual fact of things, has already been proved experimentally. So all your symbolic representations are vague and pale shadows, at best, of the actual factual events and situations, abstractions of Reality, you see.

Now, all that being said, descriptions are still possible. We just need to keep in mind that our descriptions will never succeed in capturing that actual facts of things, but only describe them symbolically, abstractly.