The Earth Energy of Fr. Athanasus Kirchner 
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

The vast array of energetic anomalies of early telegraphic and telephonic systems caused the empirical engineers of the mid-1800s to lean favorably toward the non-electric earth-energy theories of Fr. Athanasus Kirchner, because his theories could explain and qualify the observed anomalies, while normal electrical theory could not. Kirchner, in his turn, had developed his expressions from the philosophers and alchemists of the Victorian Age, when science was devoid of dogma, and numerous parallel earth-energy events were collectively then called "electricity". The writings of Kirchner were taken almost directly from the literature of the unencumbered researches of the Victorian Age. Based on Kirchner's writings, attentions were focused on collating and collecting ground-systems anomalies in the qualitative manner of Kirchner. This opened a series of discoveries and unexpected surprises as the ancient themes of the alchemists proved their worthiness and accuracy in many unexpected quarters. During this time period of the 1800s, the telluric notions of the alchemists came to be viewed as quite relevant and essential by many engineers and vital scientific knowledge to such notable personages as Crookes, and Lodge, who involved themselves deeply in the "psychic effects" and "spiritual effects" of telluric energies without fearof ridicule.

The earth energies observed by the engineers of telegraphy and telephony in the mid-1800s behaved exactly like the powerfully surging earth currents described by Kirchner. The engineers observed earth power so enormous it could not be attributed to electrostatic accumulations, nor to the weak electrical strains induced in ground systems by auroral discharges. These currents were fiery and potent. World-connecting energies of vast, mysterious, and intelligent content. According to the alchemists, Kirchner, and many of the engineers of the mid 1800s, these energetic flows were direct representatives of Creation, direct evidence of the Divine in operation.

Indeed, the "Telluric Energy" of Kirchner far exceeded the frail power of mere electrical currents, as large as that power might be considered to be, by some. Kirchner's writings brought about an inference that, contained in these energies, were the awesome secrets of the processes of Creation, the Power by which the real world was both constantly generated, and sustained. Those enterprising engineers who endeavored to draw their communicative power from the Telluric currents, found themselves engaged in surpassing technologies, empowered by the world-generative Source.

Unfortunately, the environment of dogmatic electrical science was not far behind, so these efforts failed due to lack of favor, not due to any lack of efficacy.

Fr. Kirchner echoed the medieval alchemists whose writings implied that Telluric Current contained all the power necessary to create, transform, and transmute, all the materials of the entire planet. According to the alchemists, this energy was Spiritual in content and was found to be efficacious in both creating and transmuting matter of all kinds. However, as was well known to the Victorian Science, these upwellings of Telluric Current were only found at certain specific ground-points, which were well known to the Victorians, having been marked since very ancient times. >From ancient, into medieval times, it was well know that these specific Creative energies could only be summoned by direct contact with the ground at these special sites, which were commonly held to be Sacred Land.

The Victorians prized locations deep within the Earth more highly than locations where the energy was only available at the surface of the ground. The numerous arcane grottos, and magical caverns, well known to be preferred in Victorian times by alchemists and philosophers, attest to these kinds of practices. Through a mysterious lost "masonic" architectural science, the Victorians were able to engage the powerful energies of the Telluric Current to cause alterations and upliftments of Consciousness to be experienced by the privileged individuals who had access to these sites, many of which are now included in the foundations of European churches and abbeys.

These practices appear to have originated with the Knights Templar, not their stone-mason servants. Templar architectural science employed very specific ground placements and architectural alignments. The Templars required of the stone-masons, specially selected "harmonic" geometries and the construction of mathematically-proportioned stone-chamber volumes. The Cathedral system produced by the Knights Templar had little to do with the mere exercise of military government of national regions. These constructions also exceeded the purpose of being merely mirrored-light communications towers. Templar constructions were also not reflections of some Kabbalistic system, designed to remind some of some mystical codifications.

The Cathedral system was a potent energetic system, designed exclusively to take advantage of specific upwellings of Telluric currents, with the transmutation of Earth and the human Consciousness, being the ultimate goals.

Once secured from the Earth, these powerful energetic currents were conducted by the precisely constructed stonework, allowed to expand and process through various large stone chambers, where the continually inter-twining currents would concentrate, shift, magnify, bifurcate, and ultimately interact with the chosen few. All the immense energy of the Telluric Current was put through these modulations specifically for the purpose of magnifying the Consciousness Awareness, and the intellects and hearts of the chosen few. This science can be traced historically as a rediscovery and a permuted extension of the more ancient science of Geomancy, harkening us back to the later discoveries of Luigi Galvani and Anton Mesmer.

These understandings couple into the aether descriptions of La Sage, and La Place, which they mathematically brought forth in the 1800s, as we discussed yesterday, and the researches of Tesla, Gustave Le Bon, T.T. Brown, T. H. Moray, and many others.

The present-day studies of Miroslav Provod have suddenly become quite relevant. 

All of the above are direct results of subquantum aether activities, it appears to me.

To be continued...