Dimension Doors - Natural Portals to Other Physical Universes and Dimensions

(c) Robert Neil Boyd

There is a view that we live in a 3 dimensional infinite volume universe that is one of an infinite number of infinite volume universes that live in an infinite volume 4 dimensional hyperspace.

If these 3D universes are all in [random] motion, relative to one another, and in motion relative to the 4D hypervolume, we can have the situation where these 3D universes may interpenetrate or overlap on certain occasions for certain durations. Several 3D universes can occupy the same hypervolume without being unduely effected. But, topological forces can also arise due to this "hypermotion", which can have real and physical effects in observations of our world.
There are studies related to the above description which are given in terms of m-brane theory, non-compactified N-dimensional Kaluza-Klein spaces, and Quaternionic or Clifford spaces.

(See: http://www.innerx.net/personal/tsmith/SegalConf.html



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In the situation where there are hyperdimensional overlappings of one or more 3D universes, these overlappings may be of finite area and last for some finite time. These overlappings could allow, on occasion, for materials and entities from the inter-involved 3D universes to "feed-through" into other 3D universes. It is quite possible that these various 3D universes may have variations from physical laws as we know them. Such variations might be small and unimportant, or these variations could be wild and extreme. (For more on how this is possible, see A.D. Linde's quantum cosmology "The Inflationary Universe," Reports on Progress in Physics 47 (1984): pp. 925-986. Note, however, that my view differs from Linde's descriptions, in that, in my cosmology, there was no "creation instant". All the universes and dimensions, in my view, have always existed, and are not created ab initio, thus such an inflationary scheme is not neccessary in my view. However, internal to these various universes, creation is an observably continuous process.) Further, the Clifford Space model shows where such overlappings and interpenetrations must occur, on the mathematical basis.

Given these events of inter-universal interpenetrations of universes in relative random motion, these overlapping events may occupy certain areas or volumes, at indeterminate times, for indeterminate durations, due to the unpredictability of the relative hypermotions of the infinite number of 3D universes in the hypervolume. These might be discernible as 2D planes of intersection, which might take on the appearance of rectilinear formations, thus, the lable "doors" or "windows" might be used to describe them. It is even conceivable that higher dimesnsional spaces than the 4D space might have interactions and overlappings, as well. We might then call such phenomena, if it became visible, "dimensional doorways", if it were also the case that substances and entities could actually pass through these overlappings into our world, or that entities here could pass to there (wherever "there" might be).

Now, the point of all this, is that there are such "dimension doors". The majority of these are ephemeral, lasting small fractions of a second. But there also exist more permanent overlappings, which appear to reside in one particular spot year after year. Such locations can be found globally.

It is conceivable, that a human being might be able to pass into these "doorways" and end up in quite a different universe. At issue, is the return path. Because of the ephemeral nature of such doorways, the trip might become a one-way affair, into who knows what?

There have been many unusual and unexplainable events over the world, throughout time, which can be accounted for by the acceptance of such a view as "dimension doors".

R. N. Boyd