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This article is the first in a series of discussions regarding the similarities and differences between the various Beings listed in the title of this section. While all these Beings are related in purpose and function, they do not have the same specific tasks, nor the same methods, and certainly they do not have the same appearances.

I often refer to the Devas as "Spirit Beings", or "Nature Spirits". In Sanskrit, "Deva" means "Shining One" or "Being of luminous light". Devas manifest many different forms, ranging from faces made of leaves, to wispy forms made of what appears as fog, light in the form of quick sparks, and thence to balls of light of various colors, up to about three feet in diameter. Larger than this, and I categorize them as belonging to another, but related realm of non-corporeal Beings, which I call the "Guardian Spirits", or "Guardians" for short, naming them for their function in Nature. (See the article at , for a more detailed description of the abilities and appearances of Guardians.)

Devas are what might best be referred to as "Angels for Nature", in terms of having functions of acting as nurturing helpers, guides, protectors, and supportive companions for all the creatures of Nature, animal, plant, and insect alike, rather in the same manner that Angels have concern for humanity. Their function is involved with the Divine Harmony (also referred to as the Natural Harmony), acting so as to bring fulfillment and a joyous life experience to all the creatures in their care, in harmony with all the other life forms, and in harmony with the Divine Plan.

Devas wish to become involved with the activities and well-being of humanity, so that when a person makes some progress in communing with Nature, the Devic Beings begin making great efforts in attempting to establish a telepathic rapport with that person, hoping to provide them with a true understanding of the depths of Life around them, and how it all works together. They may begin to manifest minor miracles to gain the attention of the observer, to get the person to inquire more deeply into the Natural Realms, so they can teach them and show them many secrets about Life. The reason for this, is that when the people are Harmonious with Life, all of Life is helped, including people. The people are the most harmonious when they have the greatest understanding of the operations and functions of the Natural Harmony, so the Devas try, with as many people as they can, to bring them into Life.

Even when one has not yet gained the personal attention of a Devic Being, one may observe that miracles abound in Nature. When ones' explorations into Nature are sufficiently long and deep, these many miraculous events become startlingly evident. Many of them are attributable to Devic Beings. More important, is establishing direct contact with the Devas, and discovering how everything works. In this regard, the practices at are exceedingly important, and infinitely rewarding. (And I don't use the term "infinitely rewarding" lightly, as you may well discover when you start doing these practices.)

Here is a relevant excerpt from the book "Hidden Love" published in New Zealand, which is helpful in gaining some of the correct understandings of the functions and operations of Devic Beings: [Text edited slightly for ease of understanding.]

"...When a bush is pulled out of a garden, a multileveled microcosm is affected. The surface changes are obvious. You have cleared away an old unsightly bush, and your garden looks healthier without it. Yet, that bush was the centre of a world for the insects and small plants that lived around and under it. The bush provided food, shade, moisture and a home [for many creatures]. If you look to the deeper levels, it may also have assisted in soil and moisture retention, put nitrogen and compost from its leaves back into the soil and generally maintained an ecological balance on a very small scale.

Think now then of the magnitude of forever changes that occur when a whole forest is chopped down and the area is replanted in pasture. You may think that nature devastates forests when fires that are began by lightening, rage over vast distances. This is true, yet there is a great difference between the two forms of destruction. If an area of forest which is naturally burned is left alone, it regenerates. Old and dead plant life is cleared away. The regrowth sees the sun and is healthy, due to the nutrients it accepts from the ashes of its forebears. The cycle is as it should be for seeds and roots are able to bring back the various varieties into a balance of growth once more. When a forest is destroyed through human interference, the natural cycle is broken."

[The faces you have seen in your mind's eye] are faces of people who have witnessed, or in some way been participants in [such] major events. If you use your own analogy of the stone being thrown into a pool of water, the events are the stones thrown into the pool. [The various emotions reflected in the faces of all] these people are but a tiny fraction of the ripples disturbed by the [destructive] event. Their lives were forever changed. Not to mention the environmental implications!

Should you choose to look closer, you will find layers of ripples moving out like shockwaves from the event at many levels or depths. Some of these are the families and friends of those firstly affected. Deeper still are pets, wild animals, even insects and plant life. If the event was a painful one, what of sensitive and caring people, who upon hearing the news choose to alter their lives to assist others, because of the event. Then there are those who would seek to profit from other's misfortune. Eventually the ripples will touch most of the life on Earth. This is not just on a physical level but also holds true throughout the spiritual and the devic worlds. In truth, that which is set in motion upon the Earth ultimately sends out waves that affect the entire solar system and beyond. From a physical point of view, these implications of an event often take many of your centuries to become noticeable, therefore they are unrecognised by humans. Zahaar waited a few moments to allow this concept to fully sink in, then he continued.

At this point I was shown a picture that graphically illustrated what Zahaar was communicating to me. It showed clearly the obvious, and the far less obvious problems, that arise when man becomes greedy, or does not understand how to work with the natural flows to optimise the performance of smaller amounts of land for the growing of crops for food, shelter and warmth......"

The above reference is only a small glimpse into this marvelous realm of deep understandings which are rarely found in any written form. There are some other quite important works along these lines, one of the most recommended being a series of books starting with, "Talking With Nature: Sharing the Energies and Spirit of Trees, Plants, Birds, and Earth", by Micheal J. Rhodes. The reason I think that this series is important, is that personal explorations along these lines will lead one to have ones own personal experiences, eventually, with Devic Beings. The methods used by Rhodes are recommended as a variation of the practice called "Merging Vision". See Insight

Here is a link to the first book in that series:

Appreciate the world of Nature all around you, and it will appreciate you back!