The Consciousness of the Universe
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

One of the famous quotes I originated is "As within, so without. [And, as without, so within.]" (We can't neglect either direction...) There is indeed a "Mind independent reality", which existed before we got here, and will persist when we leave! However, I do not neglect the fact that every physical manifestation is involved with some manner of Consciousness. Which is most likely not completely and directly dependent on any particular individual Consciousness. I also know directly that there is no observable that does not have some manner of Consciousness, so please keep in mind that humanity does not get the only vote on what happens here. The view that "We create our own reality.", is only true subjectively, NOT objectively!

List comment: "All based on the sensory is real."

Let us also not limit what are our senses. For example, every manner of Consciousness I have ever encountered has the very important ability to perceive and transmit emotional states. This is a powerfully important sense, and is the basis of the patternings of Nature, as it forms the basis of communication though All the Worlds. I treat all observables as constants. This saves a great deal of confusion and reduces the incidence of misinterpretations due to intellectual abstractions, which abstractions may easily have nothing whatever to do with Reality. I think the space/time model has some validity. Also, it is self-consistent. The problem is that the model is incomplete. [!!]

Time, in the standard linear frame is irreversible for macroscopic events. Relativity theory relies on the perspective that time moves at a constant rate. However, Kozyrev proved that there are time-waves, and that time is instrumentably subject to local variances in terms of the rates-of-events. Kozyrev gives a good analogy to pushing on a table. When we push the table, we may consider that the entire table moves, as a whole. Thereby, we can take the view that the force of the push propagated through the table at infinite velocity. If, in this analogy, there were some portion of this table which was existing in some jello-like state, then the force of our push would be conveyed through the jello-like portion with some measurable delay, when compared to the propagation velocity of the table as a whole. And there would be bounces of waves going back and forth through the jello-like component of our table, for quite some time after the main event of the pushing of the solid portions of the table, as the waves in the jello bounced off the solid portions of the table. These bouncing waves could be considered as time-density waves, and will result in local variations of the rate of flow of time.

We have not even broached the topic of Shpilman's "Overtime", or my physics-based view that there is an additional time-axis orthogonal to the one in which we live and have our present Being. (I have conjectured that when the physical form ceases to function, that the orthogonal time axis becomes more readily available to the individual and unique Consciousness.)

Wherever the Observer wishes to be, there the Observer is. Instantly. The Observer is not at all any material substance, but a holographic multidimensional energetic system. And because the universe as a whole has holographic aspects, due to various aspects of quantum non-locality, the Observer can be viewed as a hologram within the hologram that is the Universe. It seems to be spatially moving about IFF we are to have movement out there as an absolute in its own right, instead of a relativistic dependent on some sort of union or marriage between any given two points, viz a here and there, with the there moved about.

Relativity is then, relative, isn't it? Relativity depends on the absolute limitation of all manner of velocity to the velocity of the light. This has long ago been proven to be incorrect, as there are a great many events that are superluminal. The location of the Observer happens to be one such superluminal event. The Observer is not constrained whatsoever by relativity theory, nor by the speed of light. That is a major problem for relativity theory, which depends on the Observer being a static unmoving point. The Universe isn't like that. The Universe is dynamic, constantly moving, alive... Regarding the Universe as a whole, according to the results of V. Poponin's experiments, even the so-called vacuum has a memory of all events which have passed through or occupied the given volume. (Poponin's experiments at Lebedev University in Moscow were subsequently reproduced at Heart Math Institute in Arizona.)

Does not memory imply a mind, somewhat, since the intellect is, purely and only, a product of the past? Would this not imply then, that the Universe may have some manner of Consciousness, when taken as a whole? Because the vacuum itself is involved with the memory of the Universe, this seems to imply that there is nowhere to hide from the Consciousness of the Universe, if we may concede that such a consciousness might exist.

Just a few things to contemplate and explore...