Consciousness, The Brain, and Hyperdimensionality
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[R. N. Boyd]:

Consciousness involves hyperdimensionality. For example, the emotional condition of the operators of a symplectic E/M transmission facility will directly alter the radiation pattern off the antenna, based on their mood! The symplectic may be viewed as the even numbered quaternions. The quaternions have four axes, not three. (Hyperspatial) Three of the axes of are the imaginary numbers. (Again, hyperspatial.)

Recall that the vacuum has a memory. The information is retained by the Hamiltonian of an N-dimensional subquantum system of loosely coupled (anharmonic) oscillators, known as the FPU lattice. (A similar description is incorporated into my view of quantum physics.)

K. Pribram proved that the memory of a human being is not contiguous with the human brain, nor is the memory even necessarily residing near the location of the physical form. Pribram determined that Consciousness is best modeled as a hologram and can be modeled in the quaternions, e.g., a quaternionic hologram.

These are two small examples of the physics of Consciousness which are not available to the mainstream culture. At this point, studies of Consciousness are getting more complicated rather than less.

Ultimately, it will all boil down to what will appear to be a relatively innocuous set of equations. But right now, it's a bear!

Oh, and Vic, you should have a look at Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) and at the "Mindsong" (TM), a device which makes your computer telepathic.

Here are the links:

Mindsong is revising their website. Information on the REG (Random Event Generator) which is related to, and in some cases, identical to, the Mindsong, can be found on the PEAR website.

[Victor Hearn]:

Consider the *Universe* as a continuum of some non-physically-registering substance that is able to *hold* and propagate undulating waves/resonances within its substance and once these waves interact at a certain complexity and scale you have the emergence of physical matter as we all know it.

Also suppose that the subphysical patterns in this have developed duration and dynamic, just as the processes of the physical systems that we perceive. Now the brain may be able to translate this purely spatial configuration into perceptions, by somehow focusing and conforming with this space, and being bi-cameral as it is, would be holographic in its relation. This could account for perception of disembodied spirits, extrasensory perception, etc.

[Bill Hamilton]:

This is in response to the spiritual-material interface.

I just read an interesting book by microbiologist JohnJoe McFadden entitled "Quantum Evolution". He says in part:

"What we need to look for is something that is a product of the brain's activity, but which also has the power to influence that activity. Surprisingly, we have known for years that such an entity exists within our brain. The neurons in our brain transmit electrical signals along and between nerve fibres. It is always assumed that the electrons and neurotransmitters moving down these nerves are the movers and shakers of neuronal computation.

However, all electrical circuits - and that's basically all neurones are - generate an associated energy field, known as an electromagnetic field or em field. This field contains precisely the same information as the circuitry that generated it. However, unlike neuronal information, which is localised in single or groups of neurons, the brain's em field will bind the neuronal information into a single integrated whole.

This consciousness em field (cem) theory may sound far-fetched, but rests on just three propositions. The first is that the brain generates its own em field, a fact that is well known and utilised in brain scanning techniques such as EEG. The second is that the brain's em field is indeed the seat of consciousness. This is far harder to prove but there is plenty of evidence that is at least consistent with this hypothesis. Em fields are waves that tend to cancel out when the peaks and troughs from many unsynchronised waves combine. But if neurones fire together, then the peaks and troughs of their em fields will reinforce each other to generate a large disturbance to the overall em field.

In recent years neuroscientists in many laboratories across the world have become interested in the phenomenon of neuronal synchrony. Experiments from Paris' Laboratoire de Neurosciences demonstrated synchronous firing in distinct regions of the brain when a subject's attention is aroused by a pattern that resembled a face. When the subject saw only lines then his neurones fired randomly but when the subject realised he was looking at a face, his neurones snapped into step to fire synchronously. In this, and in many similar experiments, neurone firing alone does not correlate with awareness - but the em field disturbance generated by synchronous firing does. The simplest explanation is that the brain's em field is conscious awareness.

The last Cem field proposition is that the brain's (conscious) em field can itself influence neuronal firing. Like the first proposition, this is easy to prove and is indeed inevitable. Radio sets and TV's are designed to be sensitive to the electromagnetic fields of radio waves; but in fact all electrical phenomena are sensitive to the surrounding em field. Neurones are fired by specific structures, known as voltage-gated ion channels that respond to the external em field. Mostly they are gated in such a way that only massive changes to the brain's em field are likely to influence neurone firing. However, in a busy brain there will be many neurones teetering on the brink of firing and these undecided neurones may be exquisitely sensitive to the em field. The cem field - our consciousness - will come into play when the brain is poised to make delicate decisions.

That concept of information encoded as an electromagnetic field is actually a very familiar one. We routinely encode complex images and sounds in em fields that we transmit to our TV and radio sets. What I am proposing is that our brain is both the transmitter and the receiver of its own electromagnetic signals in a feedback loop that generates the conscious em field as a kind of informational sink. This informational transfer, through the cem field, may provide distinct advantages over neuronal computing, in rapidly integrating and processing information distributed in different parts of the brain. It may also provide an additional level of computation that is wave-mechanical, rather than digital; one that drives our free will. This is the advantage that consciousness provides: the capacity to make decisions.

At its most fundamental, life and consciousness are quantum phenomenon. We owe our existence to quantum evolution."

Now, IMHO, he does not take the train all the way to the station, but parks it just this side of the phase transition of the material world, but introduces an exciting hypothesis - the CEM. Now, if he is right, then suppose we have an equivalent Astral CEM that has a different Fourier form but interacts with the brain's CEM. Suppose the brain's CEM is polarized opposite the Astral's CEM and they attract and bind to one another (like a molecular bond) with EM fields. When we sleep at night, the brain will sometimes reverse polarity (front to back). Perhaps this repels the Astral CEM and causes it to disengage and we have an OOBE. (BTW, I am co-authoring a book that will discuss this). On death, the brain's EM field subsides and dies out releasing the Astral's CEM field and the Astral starts to resonate to a different vibratory frequency.

Now, this is crucial. I believe we have a multiverse based on frequency levels, but my problem is what oscillator are we talking about. Is it the hypothetical etheron? Do they have a natural frequency that defines our time-rate of processes - our universe? And is there another set of these etherons that vibrate at another level that produces another universe with all physical constants in that set consistent? Has anyone on this list speculated along this line instead of the multi-spatial dimension line of thought?

Maybe the Multiverse has chords just like Music!