Consciousness as an Emotional Energetic Patterning
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

I define the consciousness as the Awareness of being Aware. It is involved with the intention to continue to be aware, and emanates emotions in the forms of aether fluxes, and symplectic and Moebius transform E/M waves. Apparently, everything has emotions and radiates emotions. Ultimately, for me, consciousness is the Core Essence, the Soul, the Being. That unique individual entity which exists at the deepest center and persists beyond the physical as an energetic patterning, still capable of influencing the physical, even when not embodied.

"Cognition" is more a mental function, it seems to me. Many of the non-physical forms of Consciousness have cognitive abilities, superior to our cognitive abilities, simply due to the fact that they are not encumbered and limited by physical forms. They do not have brains, nor the accompanying externally imposed indoctrinations and conditionings which seem somewhat inevitable to the human form of existence. Because they lack our burdens of physical and mental limitations, they cognize much more perfectly than we do, based on my personal experiences.

Historically these have been given various labels, such as Devas, Angels, Djinn, Shining Ones, etc., depending on local cultural predilections, and the local behaviors of these Beings with respect to the local behaviors of the people. These glowing balls of light are a form of Consciousness. Other light-forms which appear as threads, or sheets of light, or foggy clouds of light, are typically extensions of some other kind of non-physical Being, such as extensions of the consciousness of the Being called the Earth, which many times appears in these kinds of observable forms. The distinction is easily made, as the Devic Beings typically have sharper outlines, and are much brighter when seen.

(Let us here differentiate between the cognitions of Devic Beings, and so-called "ghosts", which are typically people who haven't realized they do not operate a physical body anymore, or who are trapped by identification with some intellectual consideration or another which they encountered while still embodied. [The identification is the source of the problem.] Even though these poor souls no longer have "physicals", they are caught up in the mental entanglements they encountered while embodied, because they thought of themselves as being identical to some illusory concept or another. Sometimes as the result of some trauma or another... There are, by the way, ghost-forms of all manner of creatures. The mechanisms which result in a ghost of any variety, appear to be the same as those already previously described above.)

Ultimately, everything is connected. Superluminally. By way of the Emotional Continuums, which are energetic. Every form of consciousness, in all the universes, dimensions, and the various "subtle realms", has the ability to transmit and receive the energetic emanations which are Emotions. Emotions are a SENSE, unfortunately neglected and discarded by the majority of the intellectually oriented population of humanity, however, emotions are a sense none the less.

It is clear to me, that until human beings have included these various manifestations of the non-physical forms of Consciousness into their world-view, that they are incomplete and separated from the flows of the Divine Harmony (which is universal in extent). One cannot know the "Totality" unless one is capable of extending their awareness to incorporate the non-physical forms of Consciousness. In fact, the entire purpose of Life, ultimately, is to extend the Awareness as widely and deeply as possible (which is only possible when the intellect does not interfere with the Pure Awareness) and join in the Universal Harmony flow. The truth lies in the experiences, the perceptions, the Pure Awareness. The elimination of all forms of indoctrination is of paramount importance, should one wish to see "The All", at first hand, without the various delusions and illusions that arise from intellectual thought.

This is most easily and rapidly accomplished by sincerely practicing the Harmony Dynamics practices for extended periods of time. There are many other ways to accomplish the same thing, but Harmony Dynamics is the fastest and easiest approach that I am aware of. The only practice that even comes close, is Kriya Yoga. In summation, maximize your Awareness, especially of the "Emotionals", and eventually you will find out the all facts, of all the Universes, directly, through your own experiences, without any requirement for any intellectual analysis.

The most valuable experiences and discoveries arise from beyond the intellect. And Harmony Dynamics will get you there...