Cloud Beings - Soul Awareness
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

When you have seen a person's face and eyes, when you see that person again, you recognize them. The same with clouds. If you see a cloud-face, and notice its eyes, if you pay attention and watch for them, eventually you will see exactly the same cloud-face, the same person. Just as people are unique beings, so too are clouds unique beings. So you can recognize them when the same cloud comes around again.

The Cloud People circle the Earth in all directions, traveling along on their duties, and as it pleases them. If you get intimate enough with the cloud beings, often, when they come around to where you are again, they will give you greetings, which are felt by you even if you can't see the clouds until you start looking around for them. It is the same way with people. Say I like some person very much and we become friends. Later on, I recognize my friend from their greeting, even if I can't see them until I turn around and see their face. It is the same way with cloud-friends. :)

Often, if I spend enough time looking at them, they will send out sparks of light, of many different colors, sometimes balls of light up to 0.5 meters across. On rare occasions they will create 3 dimensional light-forms, multi-colored, very detailed, very vivid light forms, clearly visible, suspended in the clear air, away from their cloud-forms, even during the daylight hours. This seems to be only for a special occasion or to give a personal blessing or a personal message. Clouds are very talented creatures. I have hours and hours of stories about them. They have their own kind of civilization there in the skys. They have cloud nurseries and cloud kindergartens and cloud high schools and universities and many other amazing things.

One night, when I was staying in a hotel room in Colorado at an altitude of more than 11,000 feet, I found it difficult to sleep because I was very alert and energized, because of the lack of oxygen at that altitude, even though it was 3 in the morning. Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to go out and sit on the balcony in one of the chairs there. I got my winter coat because there was a chill in the air, even though it was summer. (Normally it is colder the higher you go in altitude and it was night time.) I'd noticed earlier that night that there were some thunder storms wandering around in the mountains there, so I was hoping I might be able to watch some lighting and hear some thunder and watch some rain falling down. For me, thunder storms are very soothing, and they make me want to fall asleep. So that's what I was hoping for.

When I got outside, I looked for the thunder storms. They had mostly finished their business and most of them were slowly disappating. I got a few flashes and a few rumbles of thunder, and only a few whisps of rain fell where I was sitting. I was a bit disappointed. Then I noticed a lovely female cloud face in the air in front of me, and I sent my admiration and my appreciation to her, regarding her gracious presence and appearance. She acknowledged that expression of mine with a smile, then held up a finger as if to have me wait for just a moment. Then she was gone. I kept watching in the direction I had seen her last. After a few minutes she came back, coming much closer to me this time, also being much larger than before. She smiled at me and asked if I would accept an invitation to attend a cloud kindergarten session.

I was flattered and honored by her gracious invitation, but it rapidly crossed my mind that I wasn't a cloud.

So my response to her was, "I'd love to! :) That was so generous of you! :) But I'm not a cloud. :( ".

After a short and patient pause she said to me, "What are you made out of?" She had a certain air of superiority about her then.

I examined the question, and on recalling the chemical composition of the human body, I had to admit to her, "Mostly water.", I said.

She said, "Well?".

I said, "OK :)".

So off we went. I can't explain how it happened, but I knew we were traveling. Then I saw three more adult clouds and a whole bunch of little kindergarten clouds. Apparently, the lady-cloud who had invited me, had already explained the situation of having me there to the other adults, since they went on with the lesson as if I were just another one of the flock, after the lady cloud had bade me to sit down.

Then they all sang several cloud-children's songs together and played several cloud kindergarten games together, all for entertainment and enjoyment. I found it all rather delightful, although I couldn't quite relate to it all, being an adult human being. But I did very much enjoy watching the goings on and enjoyed all the happiness which surrounded me. This went on for quite some time, until I started getting a bit bored by it all. Then all the adult clouds stopped, and looked quite serious. One of the adult clouds looked at all the audience quite sternly, and said, "OK children. Now we've all had a good time. Now it's time for your first kindergarten lesson. So pay perfect attention. This is easy to understand but you need to understand it. So pay attention." None of the cloud children stirred even in the slightest. Not a sound out of any of them. All the cloud children had all their attention completely on the teacher. (I don't remember if it was a he or a she cloud-teacher. But anyway, it's not that important.) Never saw anything like it in the people world. Compete focus. Complete unwavering attention. Absolute respect and admiration for the adults.

Then the cloud adult said to the children, "When you grow up to be big clouds like us, and make rain like us, to bring life and refreshment to all the Living Beings on the Earth, realize that even the smallest and cutest of the creatures need us, and what we can give them. They depend on us to live. Even more important, you have to think about all the effects that each and every drop of rain you place on the ground has. Because every single drop has very large and important effects on all those Living Beings down there. Each and every drop will influence every aspect of every form of Life, from the grasses to the trees to the creatures. You must be very careful to place each drop where it will do the most good, and the least harm, as reflected in the Divine Plan, for all concerned, where you are making rain.

Before you place even a single drop, you have to contemplate very carefully, what effect, what result, each and every single drop is going to have on everything on the planet below, even the mountains and the rocks. When you have considered carefully the placement of each drop, to the greatest benefit, and made sure that you haven't overlooked anything that might happen with any drop, then you have done well. (Peaceful emmanations all around. Satisfaction.)

Then, you must consider the fact that all the events that happen here, have vast and far reaching effects, influencing events on other planets around other stars, influencing even the galaxies beyond our own galaxy. So that if you make a mistake with even a single drop, it can have vast consequences all across the universe. So contemplate very carefully, each drop of rain you are planning to make, and all the consequences associated with that drop and its placement."

He (I think it was a he, but I'm still not sure.) stopped. All the children were in awe. I was in awe.

Then, "Class dismissed!". And all the little kiddie clouds went bouncing off in all different directions.

And that was my first day of cloud kindergarten.

They expect me to graduate one day.

But I haven't even had my second lesson yet.

Gads! I wonder what University is like?!?!?!

I can't imagine, based on what I saw from one day of cloud kindergarten school.

Anyway, lots of amazing adventures to be had with Clouds, I assure you :)