Conversations with the Cloud People
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

There is an overarching principle of Divine Harmony which operates the confluences of Nature. It can be contacted by emotional sensitivity, as can all the creatures, plants, and so on. Everything is involved in this Harmony. The clouds, the rocks, the trees. Everything has consciousness and is actively involved in a magnificent cooperation which the indigenous Peoples call the "Circle of Life".

Consider, for example, clouds and rocks as having souls, and personalities. One may communicate to the degree one is able to register their emotional states (these can be subtle and unique to the Being), and project and receive mental pictures. All of Nature communicates [predominantly] in this way.

One time, I wanted to get rained on, because I had just put Rainex on the windshield of my car, and I love to see the water bead and slide up the window as I drive. I drove 50 miles North, to where the radar showed rain passing across the Interstate. By the time I got there, the rain had passed across the highway moving about 30 mph to the East. (Pretty fast!) I got off the interstate and found a field where I could park the car and commune with the clouds. I saw one to the South of me that was fairly impressive, and not too far gone to the East. I started "chatting it up", complimenting its capabilities and power. Like,"You're just a magnificent Cloud-Being! I'll bet you can make more rain than any of these other ones. I'll bet you could make the biggest raindrops of all of them! Why, I'll bet, if you wanted to you could come over here and rain those huge drops of rain right on me over here, in spite of that wind which moves all your kin across to the East." And so on.

I noticed that cloud was becoming very proud of itself. Then it began to grow. Bigger and bigger and blacker and blacker... It became awesome. Then I realized it was heading straight for me! It was moving North and West, in spite of a 30 mile an hour headwind! I waited in rapt amazement until a raindrop near the size of a grapefruit(!) smacked on the ground next to me! Then I jumped in my car and got back on the Interstate to watch the rain stream up my windshield. Such pleasure!

I thanked the cloud for being so kind for me and for showing me what it could do. (True story.) (this is an expired ordering link). This book may still be available through used outlets.

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