Classifications of Non-Physical and Quasi-Physical Forms of Consciousness
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Earthfiles Environment -- "U. K. Bicyclist Reports Mysterious, Low Hovering Objects Bending Wheat (© 2005 by Linda Moulton Howe) '...I am certain that there is some other form of intelligence, either on this planet or visiting the crops from somewhere else. I have no doubt about that after seeing what I saw.' - Mike Booth, Marlborough, U. K. Resident"

The formation pictured here appeared on Milk Hill near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire. I've just been on the phone to crop circle researcher Charles Mallet who's just flown over it. He was one of the first investigators on site when it was discovered early yesterday morning. According to Charles the lay of the crop was clean and neat, which rules out anyone faking it as it rained the night before. To prove that try trudging around a muddy field to fake a crop circle and not leave any muddy footprints in the soil. As Charles says: "you simply can't", and there were none there.

What there was though was 350 small circles arrayed in a formation that spanned nearly 900 foot.

  [R. N. Boyd]:

I think this diagram is related to the property of spin, somehow... It has the nature of fractal spin, (which could be important), and the characteristic of a hexagonal geometry. The combination of these two elements could explain why the are so many hexagonal structures found in Nature.

I also notice, if the view I am taking is the correct one, that we have a spin of a spin of a spin of a spin, four layers of related spin structures. I wonder if this has any relation to the Podkletnov experiments?

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Some photos of balls of light creating crop circles. The balls of light are Devas.


U. K. Breaking Heat Records and 17 Crop Patterns Reported Between July 4 - 20 -- 2006 article by Linda Moulton Howe (this article available by substcription to Earthfiles).

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