Civilization Based on Conscious Awareness and Connectedness with All That Is

(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Does not the Latin word "cogito", mean "to think"?

Thereby, the Latin statement "cogito ergo sum" would literally mean, "to think therefore is the totality".

This view seems to be the one held by many people, and such a view is the root problem which causes people to become separated from humanity, Nature, their physical senses, and eventually, themselves. At the point of synesthesia (dampening or loss of sense faculties), humanity encounters difficulties in dealing with reality.

At the next stage, there is only attention on the belief. No sensory information is available, as the entirety of the attention is trapped in thinking. This is a form of anesthesia. Whereby sensations are no longer present because all the attention is on the thought. In such a condition, the person has little to do with this world. For all intents and purposes, such person might be called, figuratively speaking, dead. Because, when the entire "existence" of a person is thought, they are "dead to the world".

This is the basis for programming and generating prejudices, and strongly held convictions and beliefs. This is the basis for fanaticism. The only reality admitted is the one that is adhered to by the attention on the thought which is the belief, or conviction, or prejudice. In such condition, events such as the recent disasters in this country can perpetrated easily by the individuals which cause them. They are not in this world already, so death is actually of no significance to them, and in some cases it is found by those in such a condition to be intellectually entertaining, as awful as it is to contemplate such a condition. A person in such a condition has no sensitivity to life in any form, either their own lives, or anyone or anything else's lives. These are all intellectual abstractions, as, at this point, all sensitivities are gone.

There are techniques which have been known for many centuries to create fanatics who will leap to their deaths by command. These techniques were developed, studied in depth , and advanced by Hassan The Assassin in the Middle East, centuries ago. Hassan used a combination of drugs, "education", and sensory deprivation so that the entire attention of the individual was occupied only by the "desired" behavior patterns. Hassan's assassins would leap to their deaths on the slightest hint of command by Hassan, that they should do so. Clearly, Hassan's techniques generated in the victims, an insanity which was difficult to surmount.

We have developed a sort of global condition of a large population of assassins, due to the excessive preoccupation with intellectual systems, prejudices, and beliefs of various forms. The only way to prevent more such catastrophes as the World Trade Center disasters, is for humanity to recover the use of their sensory faculties, and their sensitivities to Life, in all forms. When one is in the condition of directly experiencing that *all* Life is Sacred, such insane behaviors are impossible, and a real civilization arises when the majority of humanity is in touch with their senses and emotional sensitivities. (This is not to say that one is not able to defend oneself in such a condition of heightened [actually, normal] sensitivity. To the contrary, in such a condition, the ability to defend oneself and others is dramatically heightened, but importantly, sane.) If the people on the airplanes were civilized in this way, the disasters would never have happened, because the passengers would have fought, en mass, and overcome the perpetrators.

Perhaps the deaths of the perpetrators, and the victims were not in vain, and civilization is still realizable in the world. We have learned many lessons from the disasters. Perhaps it will finally be seen as important, that human beings need to be sensitive to the world around them, and the other innocent lives we live with.

My Hopes for Humanity abide,