Chalcedony Rods -- Experimental Results

[John Moore]:

I just wanted to update you on our work with the chalcedony rods in the US. I have been working with a new researcher Nick J. who has been working with a set of rods I sent him, he is keeping a log. Nick is working only with the rods and no other mstate materials, I have been mixing a variety of Ormus items and a little bit of the Comfort Generator into the mix myself, but in very small doses only once / week. I have asked Nick to only work with the rods so we are clear about their effects. Here is a copy of Nick's log, if you have any comments please let me know as I will be having a telephone conversation with Nick soon, he wants to discuss the rods by phone with me.

[Nick's Log]:

Research Information The Chalcedony Rods used in these descriptions are the invention of Alexander Shpilman. His web page can be found at:

The rods can be purchased, for research purposes, from a US distributor: Email:

All accounts are of subject Nick Janicki 07/26/2001 11:30pm Eastern Both rods were held. After 1 minute the left rod became warm. Sensation continued. After 2 minutes rod still felt warm and right hand began to tingle slightly. Rods were put back into their case

07/26/2001 Midnight Eastern

At midnight I laid down to sleep. About ten minutes after lying down I felt a huge rush of energy in my head. This increased significantly over a 1 minute period of time. A high pitched frequency became very evident as the energy increased. I laid on my back accepting the phenomenon. A minute or two later, it was hard to tell the exact time, the stabilized buzzing energy was still present and now whisping sounds began to be heard. It sounded like a voice that wasn't fully there. Instead of hearing the full sound I would only hear a whisp of the sound. Soon I feel asleep. I then woke up at 6 in the morning and had what I call a night terror. I haven't had one of these in years. Basically I woke up, but was not fully there. I was still in a dream state, yet my eyes were open. This created an immense amount of pure fear in me, but 10-30 seconds later, my full conscious returned to my body. I feel back asleep

27th, 28th and 29th only mild heat felt in left hand.

07/30/2001 3:30pm Eastern

L and R were given to subject. Left hand tingled after 30 seconds. Left arm was moved outward and then over subject's head. More warmth was felt in left hand. This was done to the right arm and similar, but lesser feelings were encountered. Both hands were moved in a circular motion outward and then over the head. When the arms were moved from the position over the head back to the waist level quite a bit of heat and tingling were observed. This was repeated and each time the feeling got more prominent in both hands. It felt like a numbing heat. When blood exited the hands by placing them over the head the feeling would lessen and then greatly increase as the hands were brought back down to the side as more blood returned. The rods were put back into their protective case afterwards.


The rods were used in the morning, afternoon and night for 1.5 to 2 minutes each time. The tingling warmth each time was felt in the hand and slightly in the wrist, but the sensations did not go beyond this. After the last use at night the subject retired for bed. Most of the feeling in his hands had dissipated. As he laid to sleep a door slammed and this startled and excited him. As this happened the feeling of warmth and tingling around his hands were jerked "on" and became observable again. This quickly faded, but it is worth further investigation.

08/01/2001 3:00pm

The rods were again held in each respective hand. Sensations again became apparent in the hands and a bit of the wrist. The subject moved his hands up and down and all around. The sensation became more noticeable, but did not spread further down the arm. The rods were put in their protective holder. Soon afterwards a rush of energy entered the head of the subject and remained for about 30min. He felt more relaxed during this time.


The rods were used two times a day for 1.5-2 minutes. The sensations seemed to drop off during this period of time. The heat experienced in the hands was not as intense as before and the sensation did not spread any further down the arm. This was discouraging, as I had hoped the feeling would spread or intensify. During this time the head \ buzz associated with the rods still continued for about 30 minutes after their use. During this time I had emotional ups and downs. At times I would be nothing more than neutral. I would have no really strong emotions and would not have any sort of deep appreciation for life or the world around me. At other times I would have a sense of happiness and this created a deeper appreciation for all things.


The rods were used twice per day for 1.5-2 minutes. The sensations stayed at their low level as in the previous entry. I have had some emotional releases, which may have correlation to the rods use. On the 10th of Aug. I had a general flash or thought about my childhood. My general childhood entered my mind as an overview and this created an emotional release in me. The release made me feel good about my life and myself. During this time I have had similar releases. It is as if past emotions are being freed. The shivers seem to be a natural response to this release.

08/15/01 8pm

The rods were held in the hands for a period of 8 to 12 minutes. I can't be sure of the time. This was done in attempts to increase the sensations felt in the hands. The hands began to tingle with mild heat for the first few minutes. The hands were moved above the head and to the side, but the sensation did not increase. A mild rush of energy entered the head after 4 or 5 minutes. After 5 minutes a metallic taste became apparent upon exhaling. A feeling a general unbalance was felt, but the rods were still kept in the hands. The metallic taste soon became apparent on my inhaling and exhaling breaths. A general feeling of poisoning was noticed and the rods were put back in their case by minute 8/12. The uneasy feeling disappeared within 20 minutes, but the energy felt in the head remained the entire night. (As I'm writing this, the bump I have in my left hand is more noticeable than usual. My aunt is a nurse and I asked her about the bump, which I have had for years, and she said it was probably a ganglionic cyst. It seems strange that this would be affected by the rods, but I'm going to keep track of this and further sensations noticed due to the rods use.)

08/15/01 Midnight

This entry is still on the 15 (early 16th), but decided to make it a different entry due it occurring several hours later. I laid down to sleep at midnight and my mind was still full of energy. It forced me into a state of awareness I would have otherwise not had. I laid in bed trying to find that cozy feeling sleep brings. Instead my mind was like a brick. It was stuck in my current state of awareness and was not going anywhere. It was going on 2am and I tried to calm myself. I had trouble letting my mind fade to whatever thoughts it needed to in order to fall asleep. Whenever my mind would wander I would catch it and bring it back into the now. This does not induce a state of sleep. I decided to consciously let my mind wander. I did this and soon enough I began entering that cozy feeling. I became less aware of my self and the dream state was taking affect. My partially dream induced mind thought about holding hands with another in order to gain comfort. Te image associated with this feeling was one of me, in first person, holding hands with a woman. The scene was blurry and the feeling of her hand was actually my chest. The dream mind state was present, but the awareness made me know that the feelings in the dreams were based on reality. I became more aware of this and awoke. The vision of the woman disappeared and I was left alone. I tried again and an hour or more went by. I soon began to get the feeling of losing myself to the dream state, but tried to let it go. My head became more alive and a circulating energy feeling was experienced. As I lost myself more into the dream state a hugely powerful wave of energy came into my head and literally shook my consciousness. It felt like my consciousness was moving or transforming. My consciousness was being uplifted to a place where my body was not needed. The feeling was in "my head" but a physical sensation of jerking or rocking was strongly felt. As I was aware of this it scared me and I again was awake. I sat up in bed and the energy in my head was immense. I felt more aware and powerful. I soon laid back down and tried to fall back asleep. Even though the jerking energy feeling was not but a second long it kept my mind active most of the night. My hands were both very warm now and my body was alive. I did finally drift in and out of sleep, but it snuck up on me so I wasn't aware of it. (The thoughts that entered my head dealt with the interpretation of the feeling. I started to think that a dream state is not what I had previously thought it was. I recalled similar experiences all throughout my life. I would be fading into a dream state, but by being aware of this, I would be jerked back into the conscious "now". By looking at this event and others correlations began to appear. The jerking back into my awake state would always consist of an energy being felt in the head. The unconscious, as "we" called it, was a different state of consciousness that takes over when you enter a dream state. Usually your conscious self subsides completely when entering into a dream state. This usually creates a complete loss of self and a lack of awareness. While awake most of us are not conscious of our unconscious either. In the experience when your mind is aware and you enter into a dream state your unconscious and conscious selves unite for a brief moment. While the sensation is brief and jolts me back into an awake state I feel that one could get used to the unification and let the feeling continue. The power felt when these two consciousnesses combined was exhilarating and wonderful. It's truly magical. I believed I could enter the dream world with my conscious and then have control over my entire being. I thought about leaving my body and journeying upward in the sky in order to find other conscious dreamers. The important thing to the unification of the two selves was that is was real. I was not awake and not dreaming but in an in-between state. It was the best of both worlds. Dreaming alone is powerful, but it does not take the full you with it. Your waking self rarely comes with the dream for a ride, thus upon awakening a dream is almost immediately dismissed as nothing more than imagination within one's own head. When combined and aware you realize the dream state is as real as the Sun, Earth, and your waking body. Now, I have a new twist on my night terrors. These occur when waking from a dream state. They are, in a sense, the opposite as the above described phenomenon. My unconscious mind is in the dream state, but then I'm jerked into an awake state without most of my aware consciousness. It is my unconscious dealing with the unusual feeling of awake. When falling asleep my conscious must deal with the sleep state as this is just as foreign. (The above situation was triggered by the rod's use.) While this state has been reached previously and can be reached in many ways it was the rods that brought me into the energetic state of awareness. This state made it possible to briefly join the two parts of my consciousness that I'm currently aware of.

I have just read through what I have written and have a change to make. There are not two separate consciousness', but different levels at which your one consciousness interacts, or so it seems. They seem separate due to the two extremes that are encountered when awake VS being asleep. It is the control and awareness behind the one conscious that shapes it into either being awake or asleep. When awake the body produces a state of awareness that is very different from a state of sleep. This is obvious. When asleep the body and mind change their state in order to make a shift of consciousness. Your brain waves function differently, at different levels, and your body relaxes more. This state induces a shift in your consciousness. When awake your body and mind again adjust and you feel a completely different state of conscious awareness. When correlated to the above it seems that is this shift that most of us are unaware if. When drifting to sleep changes are being made by your mind and body that allow for your conscious to shift. If you are aware of this shift you can control it instead of just letting it go and accepting the dream that follows. It is the lack of awareness that creates the illusion of dreaming being a delusion contained within the realms of an imagination. AS stated before dreaming is REAL, but because of its foreign nature this is not normally realized.


Today I felt quite tired from the restless night before. I can't say how much sleep I got, but it was not much. I again held the rods. This time I kept them in my hands for only a minute and a half. As I did this I thought it was kinda like drinking one beer to help get over a hangover. The sensations were "normal"; Mild heat in my hands.


Sensations again were experienced in the hands and again started coming back to the forearms.


Sensations were felt in the hands and forearms, but did not move past this.

08/22/2001 9am

Sensations remained the same as in previous days. I have yet to document this sensation, but every once in a while my left thumb twitches. I remember this beginning around the time I began using the rods, but never thought to document it as it seemed unrelated.

08/22/2001 12 Midnight

I relaxed for about 30 minutes before using the rods tonight. I began by sitting down. The heat sensation became very apparent in both hands after only a few seconds. A pulsing is always present, but tonight the pulsing was quite strong, in both hands, and was on a matching beat. I stood up from my seated position and moved my arms above my head. The sensations were quite strong. It sensations were mild in the forearms and shoulders. The rods were put away after about 2 minutes of use.

[A. Shpilman]:

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