Can Time Reversed Mass => Antigravity?
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

[R. N. Boyd]:

I have been engaged in a critical re-examination of all standard and widely accepted views of the physics. It seems to me that there are many cases where the commonly accepted views have flaws or errors. I think perhaps we need to start from the ground up and rebuild our understandings to include the many dramatic omissions which the standard physics misses entirely, such as consciousness, subtle energy, orgone, life force, and so on. I think until this is done, we will continue to observe many unexplainable anomalous behaviors in our physical systems. Rather than trying to explain such anomalies away, such events should be examined in great detail to determine the factual underlying causes without excluding consciousness, and so on, from our contemplations.

[B. Hamilton]:

How can we model a process in the physical world without involving consciousness? I think we must also include not only experimenter bias but hypotheses bias, the psychological factors of perception and choice as well as direct influence.

We know little of how individual and group mental states affect the physical world or are just part of the physical world or the genesis of the physical world. The PEAR experiments are evidence of our affecting machines. Going from the study of micro-PK to macro-PK evidences huge mental and emotional effects on physical reality. To strip all consciousness from physics is like trying to study a body without a mind.

[R. N. Boyd]:

There are those who will say that consciousness is irrelevant to physical processes. I would say to such people that they are working in ignorance of the facts and are not in contact with reality. I have been looking for physical systems that do not involve any manner of consciousness in any regard. This is a difficult task.

The very fact that there is an observer of any kind results in very real and measurable effects in all physical systems which involve any kind of probability. It is also difficult to discover physical systems which never involve probability.

In essence, I will venture to say that consciousness can cause anomalous and exceptional behaviors in any physical interaction of any kind. Observations have shown, for example, that the attention of an observer will result in divergences in the quantum field. This is also true of the elements of consciousness which are called intentions, and emotional states. These elements also cause divergences in the quantum field. Such divergences can eventually result in so-called quantum jumps which lead to apparently miraculous or anomalous behaviors in physical systems.

We know that momentum is equal to mass times velocity.

Inertia of energy = H/c^2 dot dE / d(t)

If we are examining a mass which is traveling backward in time, we have a situation where the energy density -t 00 is no longer positive-definite, so that the energy content H can be a negative energy.

Thus it may be possible in some cases for a mass traveling backward in time to exhibit an "anti-inertia", hence the possibility of an anti-gravitational force might arise.

This brings to mind once again, the interesting concept of positronic systems, such as positronic inductors, etc. Can we build a positronic circuit with antigravitational effects in mind?

This is just a shallow look at the situation...

It seems to me that it is possible that quantum gravity might be an unattainable aspiration. This is not only due to the fundamental underlying incompatibilities between QM and RT, but it may well be that gravity does not operate in a quantized manner. Contemplate, for example, the possibility that gravity waves propagate with a velocity much greater that the speed of light. (There are many papers regarding the topic of the velocity of gravity which support such a view.) Given this understanding, it is immediately obvious that gravitational waves are excluded from Relativity Theory due to FTL velocities. It is not so obvious, but it appears that standard QM also does not address gravity very well, where FTL velocities are involved.

What is the relationship between frequency, and wavelength for an infinite velocity radiation in QM? Is it exactly the same relation as the one which holds for light speed E/M radiations?

Perhaps not...? How can we know?

The question has never been formally addressed. Period.

Does the existence of anti-energy imply the possibility of the existence of anti-gravity? In addition, let us keep in mind that all of the basic known forces also exist in an imaginary form, e.g., imaginary charge. Is there a form of gravity which can be termed imaginary gravity? The math implies this to be the case. If so, then what physical behaviors will result from imaginary gravity? Is there any relation between imaginary gravity and anti-gravity?