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 UFO observations at NASA

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 >> Dear Peter,


>> Another thing... The description and diagrams of the charged sheath vortex appear to be directly related to the phenomena I observed at the surface of a "flying saucer" which I witnessed when I was working for NASA in the 1970s.  Sparks -- of color sequence the same as the color sequence which arises as we heat metal -- would lift off from the metal surface of the vessel; move some relatively small distance at some angle to the surface; and then turn back toward the metal, rejoining the surface of the craft. This is the first scientific description I have ever seen in all these years since the event that could reproduce the behaviors of the sparks which I observed leaving the skin of the craft, then curving back into it.


>> Now, if we can find any correlation between charged sheath phenomenon and hyperspatial activities, we could be well on the way to reproducing the capabilities of the vessel that I observed that day.  The prospect excites me!


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>> Neil

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>Could you tell the story around the event you mention?  Where were you, what were you doing, who were you with, that sort of thing?  A little narrative background would be just peachy.


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Date:  Tue Dec 16, 2003  11:14 am

Subject:  Re: [antigrav] Observations of Vehicle at NASA

 I was working at the Goddard Optical Research Facility in Greenbelt, Maryland as the optical specialist of the Mobile Laser Satellite Tracking System (MOBLAS II).  It was a beautiful partly cloudy day in July with only a few small scattered cumulus clouds floating around.  As the sky was 90% blue, it was rather odd and inconvenient that we had the misfortune to have small cumulus clouds insert themselves directly between our outgoing laser pulses and the satellites we wanted to track, going all the way across the satellites' path across the sky on 2 separate occasions.  A remarkable coincidence!  The odds against such an occurrence seem remarkable to me.


Due to the frustrations of these events, the crew chief made the decision to abandon the tracking for the day, as a waste of time.  He decided we should have better chances tomorrow and decided we should test and hone the system in preparation for the next day of tracking.  So we ran a calibration series off the target tower.


The system checked out as perfectly accurate as could be expected, given the quality the components which comprised our system.  After the calibration, I went into the tracking semi to look at the readouts of the calibration.  Perfect!  Because the semi was so packed with electronic equipment, there was not much room for people inside.  So Charlie suggested I go outside so they could get on with the calibration evaluation and get it added to the database.

Since the entire optical system was in perfect order, I was left with really nothing to do.  So I went around to the back of the semi trailer (due West in direction) and sat for a while on the wooden platform which attached to the laser housing and watched grasshoppers various activities in the grass.  After some while at this, I became rather bored and for some reason, I felt like going to the opposite end of the semi trailer -- the Eastern end.  As soon as I got even with the Eastern-most edge of the trailer, I felt like looking up and to the North.  So I did.


And there in the clear blue sky at due North, I saw something I did not recognize from any prior experience. I saw what looked like a flat 2-dimensional patch of sky in the middle of the blue, as though someone had taken a giant paint brush filled with black paint and gone back-and-forth across the sky with it in some random fashion, leaving only 2 dimensions in the process.


Now thinking I might be seeing things -- or that my eyes might be playing tricks on me -- I turned my head back to the East, then looked straight down and rubbed my eyes deeply to remove any sort of debris that might be in them.  On opening my eyes after the good rubbing they'd gotten, I checked my eyesight by examining the ground in front of me in great detail, checking for accuracy.  Then I placed my vision on the buildings off to the Southeast, again checking the clarity and accuracy of my vision.  No problems.  I looked into the sky at due East.  No problems.  I turned back to the North.


It was still there.  Not only was the black swatch still present, but I also recognized that it had changed shape since I last looked at it.  I walked a few more steps to the East so that I could get a clearer look at it without my vision being occluded by the upper Southeastern corner of the tracking trailer.  Then I turned to face the North where I had a clear and unimpeded view of this never-before-seen phenomena in the clear blue sky to the North.  (What few clouds there were in the sky were located directly to the East and to the Southeast at that time.)


Now as I watched this black area -- trying to discover what it was, trying to find out about it -- I noticed that the black, sort of random shape was becoming more regular.  Then I noticed little flecks of orange light appearing near the apparent center of the blackness.  Well, I'd never seen this before either, so the orange light got my attention.  I noticed then that the black shape was beginning to appear rather more regular.  Then I noticed that the numbers of orange flecks were increasing and that -- toward the center of the black area -- some of the lights were turning to yellow.  This got my attention.


Then I noticed that there was ever less black and ever more orange, with ever more yellow at the center, spreading outward.  Then I noticed that the shape of the formerly black area was becoming an ever more regular elliptical form in 2 dimensions.  Then I noted white light at the center, spreading outward, displacing the yellow light that had been displacing the orange light which had been displacing the black.  As the white completely took over the entire area, I was starting to see a 3-dimensional regular form.  It was as thought the light was solidifying.  Then -- suddenly -- there was this metal, 3-dimensional, circular vehicle there in the clear blue sky to the Northeast.  (The entire event sequence had been moving slowly to my right toward the East, as I watched the sequence of these events unfolding.)

Now, there it was -- there in the sky -- this silver metal, 3-dimensional solid form.  In shape, it looked as though someone had taken a dinner plate with curved up sides, and turned that dinner plate upside down, then placed a pie pan with the beveled-out sides we are used to seeing in pie pans, upside down on top of the upside down dinner plate.  Then, at the exact center of this form -- at the very top -- was a thin cone which seemed perfectly proportional to the rest of the construction.  At this juncture, I was beginning to doubt my sense of sight again.  But curiosity and intense interest removed my attention from such considerations.  The silver metal was drifting slowly across the sky toward due Southeast.


I then got a voice inside my head which said, "This is for your benefit.  Observe.  Learn."


Then I was given a bottom oblique view, a side view, then a top oblique view.  Then suddenly, it was only a few yards away from me for a close-up view, so that I could see certain details that were not available at the previous rather large distance where it first began to materialize -- such as the sparks of colors in the heat color sequence which were constantly emanating from the metal surface of the craft, then arcing back toward the vehicle to disappear in the metal.  Also, the air surrounding the craft glowed white for about a foot outward from the surface of the metal.  One odd thing about the close-up view -- when I got it -- was that at one instant the craft had been way out there, and in the instant -- in the blink of an eye! -- it was right here, very close to me.  And I got no sense of being rushed at or any desire to flinch away from any rapid motion toward me.  It was just there … then it was here, with no discomfort to me resulting from the transit.  [StealthSkater note: sounds eerily familiar to the 1981 Eugene, Oregon encounter that spawned UNITEL, NW.  See "Flying Colors" at doc  pdf  URL ]


Suddenly, it was back out at a large distance from me again, drifting slowly to the South and East.  There -- starting just North of due East -- were some banks of cumulus clouds.  The vessel drifted into the cloud bank, becoming obscured to my sight.  I wanted to see more.  So I shouted in my mind, "More!"


Then -- as though to accommodate me -- the vessel continued to move to the South until it reappeared out of the cloud bank into a horseshoe-shaped area where there were no clouds.  At the instant it reached the apparent center of that horseshoe shaped area of cloud, the entire sequence by which I had seen it materialize -- the train of colors -- happened again in reverse order, very fast.


Then at the point where the random black patch appeared at the end of the sequence, I saw something I had not noticed in the sequence of its appearance.  As the black area became apparent, next there were 2 very tall and quite thin, perfectly parallel black lines "drawn" vertically in the sky, centered on the craft.


As I observed these parallel black lines, they began moving as though they were the outer edges of a revolving door which rotated with the craft as the center.  Then the rotation accelerated and the lines completely turned through an apparent 180-degree angle -- a sort of "flip" -- and it was gone.  And everything was back to normal.


And there I was looking at the ground again and rubbing my eyes, just to check my eyesight.  Nothing was wrong.  Couldn't deny what I had seen unless I wanted to abandon my sense of sight altogether.  Since I have found I have many uses for the sense of sight and since being able to see gives me many advantages, I decided not to abandon my sense of vision.  And in so doing, I was forced to accept my observations.


By the way, it turned out that the radars of both the MOBLAS II system and those of the Goddard Research Facility had both picked up a 'blip' at exactly the same times and locations as my observations.  I was informed by our radar operator that all radar operators had been instructed by NASA to ignore such events as being quite common, and to not bother with reporting them to headquarters.  Makes you wonder why, doesn't it?

And there you have it.




From:   Robert Neil Boyd <rnboyd@m...>

Date:  Wed Dec 17, 2003  9:26 am

Subject:  Re: [antigrav] Re: Obervations of Vehicle at NASA


The year was 1974.


No follow-ups.  Except that when I brought this to the attention of the crew chief, he became very stern and told me that it had never happened unless I was tired of working for NASA.





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>Amazing Neil. What year was this? Any follow-ups?



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Date:  Wed Dec 17, 2003  9:30 am

Subject:  Re: [antigrav] Goddard Optical Research Facility in Greenbelt Maryland




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> Hello Mr. Boyd.

>Let me guess.  You never reported this to any UFO reporting site?


That is an accurate statement.


>In fact, you were told not to discuss it.


Exactly.  In rather threatening tones, I might add.


>You did make a report to your authorities, supervisors and that was as far as it got.


That's right.


>You never heard any more of it.




>Unless they told you not to divulge it, then it was gone as if it never happened.




>How close was I?


You were perfect!




>Respectfully,Tom Akin.

>Tom.   wram_tech