A True-Life Encounter With Non-Physical Beings
(c) Robert Neil Boyd

Another thing that strikes me, now that we've mentioned cold around UFOs, is that there are often reports of cold when ghosts appear. I've been in certain parts of the forest here in Maryland where I've experienced such cold accompanying Guardian Spirits, as I call them. These are non-physical Beings resembling the Dralas (Tibetan). They are the caretakers of particular regions of natural environments. Some of them are quite supportive, while others don't like people well at all.

I've heard stories of them following people for days, causing them no end of difficulties involving anything which has any element of chance involved. Because I can communicate with them, they leave me alone with just a warning that I should leave. Along with the cold (shivering in the summer), I always accede to such a request, appreciating the opportunity, if they don't want me there. That type usually feels threatening.

I had an interesting encounter with one of the larger ones once. It was about a 6 footer. 6 feet across, at least. (As a rule of thumb, the larger they are, the stronger they are. I've had evidence that a 3 foot diameter Guardian is capable of lifting a car.)

I took a girl out on a "Spirit Quest", which has a resemblance to the Vision Quest of the Lakota, but it doesn't involve fasting. When we started, I had no idea where we were going. I found her Spirit Thread (I see threads passing through people, in the vertical.), and gripped it as strongly as I could with my attention. The Spirit Thread guides me to go to where the person will have the experience which will bring them the largest Spiritual advancement, in the shortest time. I grip it, and start off driving, or walking. I can always sense what direction I'm going relative to the thread, so it's sort of like a compass. We started driving from the gas station where we'd met. Straight ahead for several miles. There was an intersection with only a road going off to the right. It seemed like the right one. I continued straight for a bit longer until it was clear that I was going in the wrong direction, relative to the thread. I stopped the car and called out for a Helper Spirit to come and help me. One came and said to me that it was the right place to turn. The Helper Spirit left. I turned the car around, and went back to the turn I'd just passed. Another mile or so down the road, and I became concerned because the thread and the road were going almost perpendicular to each other after a series of turns in the road. I was wondering real hard about how I was going to get to where I was going.

At just that moment, a large fuzzy blue ball of light came from the left of the car swooping through air. The blue ball reached the left front of the windshield, and stayed there, pacing the car, which was going about 50 miles per hour at the time. (These blue ones are Guru Devas, or Teaching Spirits.) it then told me that I would continue going straight, past a junkyard on the left. Then the road would curve back to the left, it told me. Then it said to proceed another two miles. He said he would rejoin me at that point.

I told the girl what I was told. I asked her if she knew of any junkyard on this road, as she had lived in the area all her life, and I'd never been on that road. She said she'd never seen or heard of a junkyard around here, and that she'd never actually been on this road. I said, "Well, there's supposed to be one here." And kept driving. In about another 3 miles, sure enough there it was. A junkyard on the left. I looked at the odometer, and zeroed the trip gauge. Two more miles, I'd remembered. As I watched the trip gauge, just before I'd hit two miles, there was that Blue One again. (Maybe my trip gauge was off.)

He said to make the next left. He said that the road had a lot of turns in it relative to the thread I was following. He said not to let the direction I was going concern me, relative to the thread, because I would end up in the right place. He told me that when I encountered a series of sharp turns, eventually, that there would be one turn going sharply to the left, and up and over a hill, at the same time. There in the middle of that turn, he said I would see a large tree very close to the road, on the left, in a field with no fence. He said that was where I was going to pull off the road and stop. He said that this would occur in 8 tenths of a mile. So I set my trip gauge again as soon as I found the left turn we were to take.

I told Jenn everything I had been told, and told her to keep an eye out, in case I missed it. We made the left. It was rather confusing, because the road did have a lot of turns, and I was still holding on to her thread. I did my best to ignore it, and followed the road. Another 7 tenths of a mile, and I still hadn't seen what I was looking for. 8 tenths of a mile. I still hadn't seen it. I sailed right past it. Another 2 tenths of a mile, and I knew something was wrong. I said to Jenn, "We must have missed it." She said, "Well, we did go past a tree on the left in the middle the last turn at the top of the hill we're at the bottom of now." I said, "We did? How did I miss it? Are you sure?" She said, "Yeah." I said, "OK. I'm going back." We turned around, and I sailed right past it again. I turned around again after an extra two tenths of a mile, and went back through the same stretch of road.

This time I saw it. Just as it had been described to me. I said, "How could I have missed it? It's so obvious." I turned off the road into the field on the left. Another Spirit came and said, "You have to take your car down to the bottom of the hill into that gap between the two rows of trees." It was a very steep hill. I got out of my car for a better look, trying to see if I could make it back up. I didn't think so. That Spirit came in again. He said, "Just trust us. We'll get you back up. Now, go. It's important." I said, "OK. I trust you." He left.

I got back in and drove down the hill through the plowed field. It wasn't very easy going down. I knew it would be much tougher getting back up again the way I'd came.

When we'd got to the bottom of the hill, I parked the car. I told Jenn to wait while I checked things out. I got the urge to proceed into the gap between the two rows of trees. Immediately as I passed the row of pines I felt a presence to my left. I looked there, and saw a shiny black sphere approximately 6 feet in diameter hovering in the air. It said, "PEOPLE!! What are you doing here?"

I went into my heart-space, and sent forth innocence and harmlessness, and love to it. I said, "I'm not like all the rest. Here, have this tobacco." I stripped three cigarettes of their tobacco, and left it there on the ground." I said, "I am here with this girl to show her the Spirit Worlds, and the Nature Powers, so that she can have some real experiences, and help Nature, and herself and others. Can we have your permission to explore here, and find out? This is the place her Spirit Thread has led us to, so please help us."

The black sphere seemed to recant, and said, "I guess you ARE different. You may pass. But you must tell her strongly to respect this place as Sacred. Because she does not understand the Sacred yet. Make sure she knows and agrees with her heart, before she comes past the threshold into my Domain." "I will.", I said.

He winked out.

I went back to the car, and made absolutely certain that she would respect this place. I told her about the Guardian Spirit, and told her that it was very powerful, so she should be careful not to hurt anything.

When I was positive she was truly appreciative, we went out into the field beyond the rows of trees.

(I'm going to leave out a large narrative of the set of experiences which followed, just to get to the point.)

Eventually, after many incredible experiences, we walked farther into the plowed field. There was a dense woods all across the Eastern boundary of the field. As we walked to the southeast, I noticed a pine tree lying flat on the ground in the field, nearly 50 yards from the woods to the left. This sparked my curiosity. How on Earth did this pine tree end up here in this field, flat on the ground, top pointing West? I thought, "Probably some kids, with nothing better to do came here, and cut it down, and dragged it out here. Juvenile delinquents!"

I walked to where I could examine the tree closely. I was expecting to see drag marks through the bare earth of the plowed field, leading to the woods. There were no drag marks. My first surprise.

This was a real mystery. How could this tree have gotten here, if it wasn't dragged? Weird.

Next, I began to examine the base of the tree, where it had been severed. The second mystery. The trunk of the pine was cut at a very sharp angle, rather than straight through. Odd. I got closer to examine the cut. It was as smooth as glass, and indeed shone like glass. Now all manner of questions and theories arose in my mind. What could make such a cut, and leave the trunk with this glassy finish? A laser? No. A laser would leave burn marks. Definitely not any kind of saw I'd ever seen. Jenn had wandered off to north, exploring. I called her to come over and look at this [tree].

After she'd looked the fallen tree over, I said, "Now, how on earth did this tree get here? No one dragged it. No drag marks. No footprints, so nobody carried it. How do you suppose it GOT here?" She said, "I dunno." I said, "Me neither."

Then, "Look at the bottom here. What can make a cut like this, and leave it glass smooth like this? Feel it. Like glass isn't it?" She said, "I dunno." I said, 'Me neither."

A that moment, the Guardian reappeared at the edge of the forest. He said, "Walk to this point where I am, and continue in this direction. You'll find the answer."

"OK.", Said I.

I told Jenn that the Guardian wanted us to walk into the forest just there, and keep going in that direction. We did so.

When we were in the thick of the woods, after about a hundred yards from the edge of the field, I noticed a large stand of pines.

I kept walking into the pine grove. Suddenly, I noticed to my right, the stump of a pine, about 4 feet tall from the ground to the top of the stump. Weird! The stump exhibited the mirror image of the tree in the field. Steep cut. Glass smooth. Weird.

How on Earth did it get out into the field without anyone dragging it there? Looking into the dense pine grove, I couldn't see any way anyone could have gotten the tree out through the dense, close together pines, without breaking branches off of other trees. I intended to scout the area to see if I could find such broken limbs.

At just that instant, the Guardian reappeared. He said, "I did that! I sliced it off at the angle you see, so that you would know it wasn't normal. I threw it vertically up through these pines here where you stand. I caught it in the air, then put it down where you see it now. Just to show you my POWER!!!"

I said, "I'm convinced." I shared this with Jenn, and she was convinced, as well.