Apparent Reverse Time-Travel of "Antiparticles"
Explained in Terms of Aether Vortex Theory


"What are your thoughts regarding a universe with 5-dimensions, being that time has two-dimensions? Could this be applied to explain antiparticles as reverse time dilatation? Time reversal, where time is connected with space through the P operator, could explain the curvatures of spacetime because CPT isn't totally conserved. Thus, could antiparticles be derived from the breakdown of PT and are calculated by the fifth-dimension? (Could doubly-periodic Jacobian elliptic curves), be viewed as the other coordinate of time?)"

[R. N. Boyd]:

I am not convinced that time is a dimension. Certainly, time is not a physical dimension the same as the Euclidean dimensions. From this, it is hard to consider time as having two dimensions, in a physical way. I think time is directly related to infinite velocity aether fluxes. This point of view is supported by the experimental efforts of Kozyrev, Mishin, and Chernetsky in Russia. Kozyrev found the velocity of the aether species which are responsible for time to be infinite velocity. This is directly related to superluminal gravitational aether fluxes, based on the works of Oleg D. Jefimenko.

I suspect that there is a different explanation for so-called antiparticles which does not involve them traveling backwards in time. (Dirac might be appalled by such heresy!) Contemplate a model for the subatomic particles which has them as being vortex formations made of aether, swirling in the aether media. Then consider the Falaco Soliton pairs and the nanovortex models of Keihn, and an entirely different explanation of antiparticles becomes possible. I think that the time reversal is only an apparency, due to the behaviors of the aether under the circumstances in question. Please keep in mind that all known physical laws and properties can be reversed by properly constructed Pendry structures. Why is that the fact of the matter?

I think all the laws of physics change in the very small, beginning at about the scale of the nanofabrications called Pendry structures, then changing again as we go towards the smaller. Go below the Planck length, and all bets are off regarding the veracity of our commonly known physics. Indications are that there is another phase state change at about the Komolgorov Limit, at about 10 e-54cm. Then, farther on down, I'll bet the rules change again.

What we are seeing at our level of existence is just the statistical result of vastly complex systems of successively smaller layers of particles ranging down towards the infinitely small. The cumulative effects of activities in the immensely small, are mainly statistical in effect at the macroscopic scale. And that, sir, is why quantum physics works so well. And that is why Bohm's interpretation of quantum physics is so vastly superior to all other interpretations. "Zitterbewegung" is direct evidence of the existence of the subquantum, and simultaneously represents direct support for Bohm's "implicate order", which we support in our studies of the physics of Consciousness. Interestingly, the physics of Consciousness and the physics of gravitation are directly related.

Please recall my delta E grad expressions which have been physically verified. The pace of time varies as the charge gradient varies. At the same time, the permittivity and permeability of the media change, directly changing the velocity of light in the media. Due to the fact that there is a direct connection between gravitation and electric fields, these variations will be accompanied by variations in gravitation and inertia.

All that being said, there is direct physical evidence supporting the fact that 5 Euclidean dimensions are involved in some way, with our reality. Quasicrystals, for example. However, these properties are not required to be the result of a 5 dimensional Euclidean space. These behaviors can just as easily be attributed to the intrinsic hyperdimensionality of the subquantum particles.

In an open system, CPT is not conserved. In a closed system involving delta E grad interactions, CPT is not conserved.