Alterations of Aether Density
Copyright Robert Neil Boyd

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"...perhaps by some other means of Rarification / Densification of the Aether?"

I've got a way to do this now.

It is based on Nikola Tesla's work on what he called "electro-radiant impulses", which he considered to result from aether flux. The method is outlined in exquisite detail in the London Royal Society lectures of February 1892. Fundamentally speaking, the effects of his "disruptive field impulse" exceed the effects of any manner of electron-based electro-inductive effects by several orders of magnitude. Tesla considered these aether impulses to be electrostatic in nature. In 1892 Crookes upheld Tesla as the discoverer of a new kind of electrical force.

Tesla held, as I do, that electric and magnetic forces are manifestations of this more primal aether-electricity, which he viewed as streamlines of aether particles in gas-like flows. His "radiant electricity" was a gaseous emanation, an aetheric motion, according to his empirical experimental results.

Maxwell also held the view that force lines were longitudinal, dynamic flow-lines, and wanted to know, as I have asked, "What substance are these flow-lines composed of?" Henry and Faraday had the notions that since forcelines were made of a "flowing charge substance" [again, NOT electrons], then there must be some means of placing contacts on charged masses to obtain electric power forever. Later, Tesla, Stubblefield, T. Henry Moray, and others found various ways to accomplish this feat in actual, and repeatedly demonstrated, fact. These initiatives were stifled by the petroleum industry and other selfish vested interest groups.

For Tesla, the method was super-fast rise time (high dv/dt) D.C. voltage ## impulses ## applied from a high voltage D.C. source, by way of a magnetically controlled plasma switch which could operate in the megahertz range. Exact specifications are given in the above referenced London Royal Society Lectures from Feb. 1892.

In Tesla's view, his radiating electricity is composed of a space-flowing current that is NOT made of electrons. Aether is not made of electrons. But something else in the aether, that conducts something that looks an awful lot like charge. Tesla named this something "effusive aether". He found that the velocity of the electric-like effusive aether discharges far exceeded the velocity of electrons in any medium he tried, including vacuum. Tesla said that the effusive aether fluxes were inherently found in standard electrical discharges, but that the aether flux would conduct through anything whatsoever.

When he constructed devices which were specifically designed to completely stop the passage of any transient E/M, he found that such circuits actually served to amplify the effusive flux of the aether. Such circuits were measured as passing ZERO current, yet these circuits were conducting enormous amounts of power at inordinately high voltages in a form of electrostatic discharges. Tesla remarked that the electrostatic potentials along the coil surfaces, measured from end to end, could be as high as ten thousand volts per inch of winding! A ten inch coil of Tesla's design would easily produce discharges of more than one hundred thousand volts. In his later, improved designs, he was able to attain discharge voltages on the order of 1 million volts. Yet, never was any current measurable in these circuits! By the way, Tesla obtained better results when the few turns of copper he would put on a cylindrical form had rather large gaps between the turns, as this prevented energy losses due to sparking and brush-type discharges.

By this, it seems that it may be that, properly constructed Tesla Transformers conduct aether, rather than electrons.

So if you're reading this properly, it seems that we can create "Rarification / Densification of the Aether" by similar means. It seems to me that I already had gone some distance down this path before the discoveries of today, with my remarks about control by way of "pure symplectic E-fields".