Holographic AI: Extremely Powerful
but Still NOT Consciousness

(c) Robert Neil Boyd

There is a direct correlation between the radiated pattern of a symplectic radio transmission antenna, and the emotional conditions of the operators of the symplectic E/M transmission facility. The radiated pattern is also directly influenced by the intentions and the attention of the operators. This happens because consciousness directly couples to the symplectic E/M. In addition, symplectic E/M causes divergences in the quantum field, directly influencing all manner of events involving probability. This, again, has correlation to conditions of the Consciousness. The material form is not substantially involved in these phenomena.

As far as AI, the product called HNET by Advanced Neural Devices of Canada is the most capable AI presently available on the planet. HNET is based on quantum physics. You can read about the technical specifications and methodologies at: http://www.andcorporation.com/frame_math.html

I have been using and studying HNET since 1992.

HNET makes "Commander Data" of "Star Trek- The Next Generation" a reality. HNET can do anything a human being can do. Except that HNET is not possessed of consciousness. Although it is sentient, by definition of the term sentience, it has no manner of Being. It is just a mathematical system and a collection of binary data in the form of a binary hologram composed of sequences of binary Argands planes in a Riemanian space. (Or, if you prefer, a Hilbert space.)

I can get you a drastically truncated and disabled demonstration version for free. The demo version can solve a Monte Carlo routine in about 5 seconds on a 30 Mhz 386 based PC with around 99.5% accuracy. Standard AI systems require weeks and even months of constant operation to converge to an average accuracy of about 80%, if they converge at all.

HNET duplicates the analytical functions of the human being with magnificent results. However, HNET does not contain emotional states, nor can provisions be made for such. Emotions are the purview of Consciousness. And again, HNET is not conscious.

I have developed a method whereby disincarnate entities can be allowed to occupy the system in which HNET is residing, which could make for some interesting events and discoveries. However, HNET itself is still not a consciousness. Although it can drive your car, wash your dishes, walk the dog, mow the grass, etc., HNET is still just a machine. Even if it is "inhabited".

See, the basic problem is that people are attempting to model only the analytical functions of ONLY the human being in only its physical form. There are an enormous number of kinds of consciousnesses, both physical and non-physical. When I use the term non-physical with reference to a particular form of consciousness, I am referring to the fact that many forms of consciousness do not have any kind of material or mass accompanying their manifestations, but are exclusively energetic forms, some with transdimensional or transtemporal extensions.

I will say it again.

Consciousness is not a physical matter-based thing.

I have studied consciousness in an enormous variety of forms at first hand for 18 years.

I say it again. Consciousness is not material. The analytical functions are also not exclusively material. Contemplate the fact that HNET works based on an infinite dimensional Reimannian space. And it works BETTER than a human mind! Because it can see patterns that people can't see and it is much faster. I'll wager that HNET can find a person you know in a crowded stadium, faster than you can, for example. Study HNET the technical specifications of HNET and get back to me.