Introduction to Experimental Aetherometry 
(c) P. & A. Correa, Akronos Publishing

AKRONOS Publishing is pleased to announce that the much awaited text, "Introduction to Experimental Aetherometry Vols.1 & 2" by P. and A. Correa, is now available on its website:

This text forms a comprehensive overview, both scientific and philosophical, to the monographs in Experimental Aetherometry which have been published on the AKRONOS website during the last two months. It comprises the following sections, each of which forms a separate HTML document:

  1. The basic problems in Reich's theory of the ORAC anomalies, and the trajectory of the aetherometric solutions

  2. Overview of Experimental Aetherometry Vol. 1

  3. Overview of Experimental Aetherometry Vol. 2

  4. The Specter of Wilhelm Reich

  5. Why speak of an Aether?

  6. On 'wishful thinking' at the merger of BioPhysics and Philosophy.

"Despite this infernal machine of technological and scientific advancement, the gaps in our knowledge of nature are immense. Most are like gaping black holes that have been glossed over, and one cannot by any means imagine that political and emotional reasons are entirely foreign to this ignorance. Incessant noise itself, as pure overflow of information and a measure of the inflation in disinformation, is part and parcel of this glossing over or of his perpetuation of ignorance. Debord once wrote: "disinformation now spreads in a world where there is no room for any verification".

If we leave General Relativity aside - since it has contributed no further mastery of gravitation other than in theory - our scientific understanding of gravity has remained essentially that which the Great Newton taught us. We know nothing about gravitons or the real gravitational waves. To this day, instead of having discovered the fine structure of the electron or of any other element of Matter, we have placed 'monumental' blocks on the road of our inquiry - these imaginary tripartite quark structures that have deranged entirely the consistency of any inquiry into their dimensionality, quantification, quantization, and even definition.

Our understanding of inertial mass is marred by our functional incomprehension of the apparent phenomenon of addition of electromagnetic mass - and this error has widespread consequences, permeating our knowledge of electrodynamics which ignores open circuit interactions and the impact of the differences in mass of various charge carriers, and limiting our understanding of radiant energy, which we constantly reduce to electromagnetic or ion fields. We admit only the existence of electromagnetic energy, treating gravitational fields as merely a question of static geometry.

But then, official science has no idea whatsoever of how Light arises from the Dark and returns to it, no idea of the processes whereby those blackbody photons are produced or how they are produced. Despite the breakthroughs in exciton theory, the fundamental behavior of dielectrics or insulators continues to escape us. Even though the official US legal opinion reversed the unforgivably unfair decision of having once granted Marconi's patent for radio over Tesla's, we remain completely ignorant of ambipolar electric radiation - that its effects of penetration of diverse materials at various rates are massfree and electric, that this is the very physical nature of the energy released by solar diation - in fact, we are ignorant of its existence, let alone of its fine structure and interactions or conversions!

This, not to mention that the official outlook of science upon biological processes and systems remains entirely mechanistic and imbued with genetic determinism. Inevitably, the scientific margins become indistinctly populated by insightful discoveries that are glossed over or repressed, and by a plethora of ignorant and mystical ad hoc reinterpretations that further distort the repressed."

From "Introduction to Experimental Aetherometry"